Spy Serving 35 Years Will Receive Sex-Change Surgery For Free!

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Isn’t Obama’s “most transparent government in history’ just wonderful! First, they honor the LGBT with lighting up the White House with colors of the rainbow. Then, they make transgender washrooms a legal issue for all the wonderful American families. What’s next? Well, turns out they’re giving “free” sex change surgeries to criminals. That’s right! You read that correctly! Free sex change surgery! – must be in the fine print in our new Obamacare plan – you know the same fine print that said “you can keep your doctor. Period”.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for January 2017 and all this “hope and change” Obama era to end. Obama has set a lot of “new” records, including the president that has divided this country the most, but this one is a doozy. American taxpayers will be forking over the money to fund for Chelsea Manning’s sex change thanks to Obama.

U.S. soldier Chelsea Manning, serving a 35-year prison term for passing classified files to WikiLeaks, ended her hunger strike on Tuesday after the Army said she would be allowed to receive gender transition surgery, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) said.


The 28-year-old Army private, who was born male but revealed after being convicted of espionage that she identifies as a woman, announced the hunger strike on Friday.

Manning’s treatment will begin with the surgery that was recommended by her psychologist in April, the ACLU, which represented Manning, said in a statement. Manning is held in Kansas.

No transgender inmate has ever before received gender affirming surgical treatment in prison, the ACLU said.

“I am unendingly relieved that the military is finally doing the right thing. I applaud them for that. This is all that I wanted — for them to let me be me,” Manning said in a statement, though she went on to criticize the government for taking “so long.”

A spokesman for the defense department said it would not comment on the matter in order to protect patient confidentiality.

Manning, a former intelligence analyst in Iraq, was sentenced in 2013 to 35 years in prison after a military court conviction of providing more than 700,000 documents, videos, diplomatic cables and battlefield accounts to the anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks. The case ranked as the biggest breach of classified materials in U.S. history.

How crazy is THAT!? You can be a spy, get sent to prison AND get a SEX change FOR FREE!…all thanks to the Obama “Hope and Change” era and Obamacare. I think it should be called the Obama error…”no hope, but plenty of change”.



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