She Was Fired For Being too Attractive!

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Usually, you only hear the big girls whining about the infamous fat shamers, but, have you heard about woman being treated unfairly because they look too good?! It seems like complete nonsense to think that would even happen. But, it did. The judge’s ruling is the most infuriating part of it all.

A judge in Manhattan made, the most horrible decision about a wrongful termination lawsuit. A beautiful young, blond massage therapist, said that her her ex-employers — a chiropractor and his jealous wife, had fired her because of the way she looked.

Dilek Edwards, who is also a yoga teacher, sued her ex-boss, and nude model Stephanie Adams. Adams and husband Charles Nicolai co-own Wall Street Chiropractic and Wellness.

Dilek claimed that Adams, 45, texted her in October with a heavy warning “stay the F–K away from my husband and family!!!!!!” not too long after her boss admitted that his wife “might become jealous” of the limber, 32-year-old staffer because she’s “too cute.”
Edwards insists that her relationship with the chiropractor was “strictly professional.”

But, one day after the threatening text, Nicholai fired her.

Edwards made the argument that “firing a woman because of a gender-related aspect of her appearance is unlawful discrimination” because “attractiveness is directly tied to … gender.”

But Manhattan Judge Shlomo Hagler disagreed, finding that hot women aren’t protected by gender discrimination laws.

“There is no allegation … that [Edwards] was terminated because of her status as a woman,” Hagler ruled.

“With respect to whether appearance can be the basis of a discrimination claim … courts have not found discrimination when the subject conduct or policy was not applied differently to men and women.”

The law, he said, also doesn’t prevent “termination motivated by spousal jealousy alone.”

When the suit was filed, Adams — the first openly lesbian woman to be a Playmate — told The Post she didn’t view Edwards as competition.

“No disrespect to anyone — but I’m a centerfold,” This little Miss November 1992 boasted.

Dilek’s attorney promised to appeal.

“It seems to me that it is plainly discriminatory to fire a woman who is too cute or not cute enough or for any other appearance-related reason,” Kirschenbaum said.

“Such behavior has the unfortunate consequence of reducing women to their sexual attractiveness,” he said.

Adams’ lawyer Douglas Wigdor said, “We are pleased that the judge dismissed the claim.”

It’s illegal to get fired for being a woman, but getting let go for being too hot, well, that’s perfectly acceptable by today’s standards!200w (1) The infuriating irony is if the roles were reversed and a woman were fired because she was so homely her boss couldn’t stand to look at her, we would be looking at an entirely different lawsuit.

It seems as if this woman was only fired because the wife was jealous, and isn’t that wrong? Jealousy is like cancer in a relationship if you’re constantly having jealous thoughts you won’t have any room to actually enjoy the person you’re with! This ex-playmate bunny should probably gather some confidence in herself and her husband’s love for her.

I think society has gotten way to sue happy, but this seems ligament. Do you think this girl should have won the case?

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