SHAMEFUL! California Univ Says Black-Only Housing Necessary To Stop “Microaggressions

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OF COURSE, look where this happens, why, if it isn’t our favorite liberal state CA.

Has anyone photographed a picture of the smoke rising from Martin Luther King’s grave? Liberals are tearing down everything he worked and died for.

We now have California State University Los Angeles, to thank for setting us back 50-plus years by segregating a black-only housing community to protect black students from white students who use “insensitive” words.

Segregation! REALLY?! What happened to everyone wanting to be equal? It’s okay for them to not want to be around us, but if they want to invade our space then it’s okay? Not to mention, who cares? Why do American’s need to be pitted against each other over something as dumb as skin color? Do we still believe in cooties? This is 2016 right? We are right back to where we started, this is the entire reason there was a civil rights movement… so we’d all be viewed as the same no matter what race we were. This is going backward, not forwards.

Our country did so much to overcome segregation and *poof* here we are again and it’s because THEY want it. Talk about IRONY.


A California university is the latest public school of higher education to establish “black-only” co-ed housing in response to demands from African-American students seeking refuge from what they consider insensitive remarks and “microaggressions” from their white classmates.

California State University Los Angeles established the segregated housing for black students in time for the current school year, according to The College Fix. The school complied with demands issued nine months ago by the university’s Black Student Union.

“[It] would provide a cheaper alternative housing solution for Black students,” read one of the union’s demands. “This space would also serve as a safe space for [black students] to congregate, connect, and learn from each other.”


The newly debuted Halisi Scholars Black Living-Learning Community “focuses on academic excellence and learning experiences that are inclusive and non-discriminatory,” Cal State LA spokesman Robert Lopez told The College Fix.

University of Connecticut and UC Davis and Berkeley also offer black-only housing. In February, reported that UConn’s main campus in Storrs launched a program slated for fall in which 40 black male undergraduates live together in on-campus housing.

Proponents believe the students can draw on their shared experiences to support one another. Critics cringe at the idea of black-only housing, saying it turns decades of hard-fought racial progress on its head.

This will look confusing in future history books, blacks wanted equals rights and no segregation, wait about 50 years, now they want segregation again coupled with a little special treatment. Maybe we should be kissing their crusty feet too while we’re at it? You know… to get rid of our “white guilt” and all.

It is flat out amazing that this university is throwing away 50 years of progress toward racial integration and harmony just so a tiny minority of cupcakes aren’t offended or threatened. Besides, isn’t that what their little “trigger warnings” are for? This is getting out of hand!

If anything separating themselves from white people is only protecting whites from their racial hatred!

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