On September 26th – All Your Dreams Will Come True

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Presidential candidates spend a lot of time on a stump shaking hands, eating overdone chicken, eating greasy chicken, sucking money out of supporters, kissing babies – in Bill’s campaign that was kissing interns – and doing all the stuff that candidates do to get TV exposure.

Apparently having the Clinton News Network and the Nobody But Clinton network in her $10,000 purse, Hillary has decided to take some time off. Keep in mind there’s about 70 days left in this election cycle. Hillary’s going to take almost 30 of them at a fat farm toning up and getting ready for the September 26 debates.

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Never fear, she has her friends in the press to cover for her. If Donald Trump missed one event between now and the 26th there would be calls from all the networks in major newspapers for his medical records. Obviously, there won’t be in this case.

There are 14 events prior to the presidential debate. She’s not even going to show up at the event in Philadelphia with the black dude she wants to replace. Can you imagine, Obama on the stage all by himself?

Think she’ll be holding press conferences?

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