See Woman Collapse In Store…Onlookers Horrified To See What’s Feet Away

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A woman, who remains unknown at this time, was out shopping at her local Dollar store in Massachusetts when she suddenly collapsed into a heap of flesh onto the floor. Onlookers were horrified, that horror suddenly turned into terror when they noticed what was mere feet away from her.

It just made everything worse…

Although the identity of the woman is unknown, a man in the video clip later referred to her as “Mandy.”

When onlookers dashed over to help her, they soon realized the reason that it happened. As it turns out, the woman overdosed on some sort of drug – possibly heroin or pills like oxycodone. Unfortunately, the situation was only made worse after those nearby saw what lay just feet away.

As you can see in the video, the woman went shopping with her 2-year-old daughter, who frantically tugged at her mother’s limp body in a desperate attempt to wake her.

In an effort to help onlookers called 911 immediately, but they could only watch as the young child screamed and cried for her mommy.
After EMTs arrived they took measures to save the woman’s life. The video stated that “it took two doses of Narcan to revive her.” For who don’t know, Narcan is an “opiate antidote” meant to counteract the effects of drugs like “heroin and prescription pain pills like morphine, codeine, oxycodone, methadone, and Vicodin.”

The mother’s actions are incredibly selfish, did she even think how putting herself into a drug-like stupor might afect her child? If she needed help she should have gotten it from professionals for the sake of her baby.

Drugs are a serious and disgusting problem in our society today. The video further proves the powerful effect it has on people as this woman was willing to disregard the safety of her own child in order to get high.

This mom seriously needs to reconsider the choices she’s making in her life. Hopefully, her child will be put into some better care while she gets things figured out. Anyone assumes that drug use is a victimless crime needs to take a look at the little girl in this video.

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