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See Pics Of Major Issue With Hillary’s Attire At The Debate, Most Didn’t Notice!


Many keen eyes were watching the debate and while a lot of us couldn’t keep our eyes off of the animated Donald Trump, there were a handful of voters who noticed something strange about Hillary Clinton’s pantsuit last night, and it speaks volumes!

Everyone has their won opinion about who won the debate last night. But, one thing is for sure, one candidate stood head and shoulders above the other.

Despite everyone’s perfect world were judgment, based off of appearance doesn’t exist, the way you look and dress do indeed matter, especially while running for something as big as the White House. Seeing how a bold red tie is known as the “power tie,” it seems that Hillary decided to wear an entire outfit donned in the color, but that’s not what has people talking.


As it turns out, it seems that her outfit was actually missing something HUGE, and people are saying that it speaks volumes. Clearly seen during the debate and pictures the next morning, a few have taken notice that Donald Trump is wearing an American flag pin, but the national symbol is nowhere to be seen on Hillary’s attire.

It doesn’t take much to see that Hillary would do pretty much anything for a few more votes, but since when is patriotism not required to run for president? One can only assume if this was deliberate to appease the entitled flag stompers and National Anthem sitters of our country or if she genuinely forgot.

2016-09-27 09_21_12-PICS_ Major Issue With What Hillary Wore To The Debate, Many Didn’t Notice

2016-09-27 09_21_21-PICS_ Major Issue With What Hillary Wore To The Debate, Many Didn’t Notice

Whatever her reason, it’s an utter disgrace. Our nation is headed down a very dark path and the lack of love and care for our country is certainly having a devastating effect.

This is precisely the reason we need a man like Donald Trump in office to turn things around. If you can’t do something as simple as show support for your nation, you have no business running it – period.


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