Seconds From Exposing The Clintons, Man Winds Up Murdered, Naked, And Stuffed In Dufflebag

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Within the last two months alone FIVE people that got a little too cozy with the Clintons wound up “mysteriously” dead. Bill and Hillary’s murdering escapades are much worse than the general public realizes. Yet another in the long line of mystery murders has just been linked back to this crooked duo. The evidence surrounding his death is nothing shy of chilling.

Back in 2010 Gareth Williams, an M16 spy, was found dead in his London home. After being stripped naked and crammed into a large bag, they placed the tightly packed spy into his own bathtub to rot until someone found his desecrated body.

Even though it is completely impossible to cram yourself into a bag, zip it up, and put yourself in your bathtub, authorities still ruled Williams’s death a “probable accident”. Although, they did say his death was “suspicious.”

The Sun on Sunday can reveal that voicemail messages Mr Williams left for family and pals were deleted in the days after his death. And a rival agent may also have broken into the flat to destroy or remove evidence.

The inquest was barred from discussing Mr Williams’s work in public. But sources say he was helping on the joint monitoring network Echelon, which uses sophisticated programs to eavesdrop on terrorists and criminal gangs, particularly those in Russia.


A source said: “The Clinton diary hack came at a time when Williams’s work with America was of the most sensitive nature.

“It was a diplomatic nightmare for Sir John Sawers, the new director of MI6 at the time.”

Insiders claim Mr Williams, who had been given a second passport with a fresh identity, was also getting fed up with living a secret life. He is said to have loathed his spy training after having his wrist broken during one hardcore session.

Mr Williams, a keen cyclist originally from Anglesey, North Wales, died shortly after returning from a hacking conference in America.

He had been to see a drag queen show by himself two days before he was last seen alive, on August 15, 2010.

Eight days later his naked body was found folded into the 32in by 19in bag placed in the bath of his flat in Pimlico, central London.
His mobile phone and sim cards were laid out on a table. The last computer evidence of him being alive showed him looking at a cycling website.

A number of theories exist about Mr. William’s death, including that of a scorned ex-lover, a “Kremlin car” driving past his house, and some bizarre sexual fantasies that Mr. Williams may have played out and taken too far.

There was no alcohol or drugs in his system when he was discovered, and they reported the obvious, that he couldn’t have sealed himself in the bag alone.

The good old Metropolitan police have refused to comment on the new revelations that Clinton’s security details may have been breached by Mr. Williams.

Makes you wonder…what really happened to Gareth Williams. It’s very likely no one will ever know the truth, but, let’s give credit where credit is due, the Clintons are very creative when it comes to murder.

Let’s see…there was “suicide” by double taps to the head, “suicide” from a train, “accidental” death from dropping a weight on his own throat, and fatal “robberies,” where nothing is stolen from the body…what thief wouldn’t steal a wallet?!

Hilarious isn’t it? The body count will keep rising as we get closer to the election, Hillary has a lot to hide, and it’s glaringly obvious that nothing will stop these two from gaining the evil power they so desperately desire.

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