Restaurant Posts Sign That Pisses Off Islamists EVERYWHERE!

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In Lonsdale, Minnesota, a fed up restaurant owner couldn’t repress his feelings any longer, so he decided to speak his mind about Muslims in America. In order to do that, he placed three politically incorrect words on a sign in front of his business that is infuriating Muslims everywhere.

Dan Ruedinger, owner of Treats Family Restaurant, was disgusted when he saw the recent Islamic terrorist attacks on the news in Minnesota, New York, and New Jersey. Instead of pretending he would never be affected by what had happened, Dan decided to take a bold stand by hanging a sign in front of his restaurant with three bold words – “Muslims Get Out.”

Ruedinger stated: “It’s time that people started standing up, not worrying about the PC crowd and do what is right,” “And I feel what we’re doing is right. We are not targeting the Muslims in general, just the extremists. And that’s all I can say. It’s my right and I’m going to stand up, and I wish more people would do it.”

Payten Estepp who was part of a group protesting the sign Monday night said:
“I get it, it’s his right to say what he wants to say,” “But that’s giving Lonsdale a bad rap to everyone that drives by on 19, which is a very busy road, so people are going to see that and they’re going to think Lonsdale as a whole, as a community, is as crass as that sign.”

Ruedinger says he has no plans to take down or change the sign.

Dan couldn’t be more correct! It’s about time someone has the courage to say exactly what everyone should be thinking. No one is saying that they are afraid every Muslim will blow us up or cut off our heads.suicide-bomber-southpark However, the strict, true followers of Islam are causing disaster in America, they are eager to kill the non-believers as instructed in the Koran and modeled by their Prophet Mohammed.

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