There Was Racial Harmony in Charlotte Until the BLM Thugs Showed Up

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Charlotte, North Carolina has gotten a bad rap over the last week. Until last week it was a fairly peaceful U.S. city where blacks and whites lived and worked together. Then black police officer was faced with a situation where black man in the street had a gun and refuse to put it down. He was ordered to drop the gun multiple times before the officer fired on him.

At that point all hell broke loose.

At first there were demonstrations but those quickly turned to riots and looting. Charlotte has seen demonstrations in the past and have not had a problem with rioters or looters, so why this time?

The answer is #BlackLivesMatter, and other George Soros funded groups. They’re importing a criminal class into Charlotte to get headlines.

Here’s Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke talking about the situation.

I agree with Sheriff Clarke in that Charlotte police have been given the wrong rules of engagement with these crowds. I also think that Charlotte law enforcement has made a serious mistake in withholding the video they have that shows Keith Scott with a gun. They’ve also done a poor job informing the citizens of Charlotte and the national media of the facts that they have.

#BlackLivesMatter is doing everything they can to inflame the situation. Scott’s wife was on the scene when he was shot and she videotaped police officers telling Scott to put down his gun. She can be heard screaming in the background that he didn’t have a gun. #BlackLivesMatter in the Scott family attorneys have released that video to raise tensions in Charlotte. It doesn’t show the actual shooting and it doesn’t show Scott out of his car, so from the actual video that his wife took there’s no way to tell what’s going on other than hearing police officers tell him to put his gun down multiple times while his wife, who can’t see him, is screaming into the video that he doesn’t have a gun.

There was a gun found at the scene and #BlackLivesMatter and the Scott family – of course – are saying that Scott was holding a book and that he didn’t have a gun. The police did announce yesterday that the gun was recovered at the scene had Scott’s fingerprints on it. Based on that, it’s obvious that the gun wasn’t dropped by police as #BlackLivesMatter insists.

The other interesting thing that’s happening in Charlotte is that police announced yesterday that over 70% of the people that they’ve arrested or detained are not from Charlotte. They been bused in from out-of-state, just like George Soros did in Ferguson.

What’s going on in Charlotte, North Carolina is nothing less than a criminal conspiracy involving George Soros, #BlackLivesMatter and groups like them, and the Nation of Islam. And you can be sure the North Carolina Democrats – and Hillary’s campaign – will do their best to blame the unrest on Donald Trump.

We’ll see how that works in about 50 days.

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