Proof that Keith Lamont Scott Was Holding a Gun, NOT a Book! [Video]

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Well to most of us, this is not new. The liberal media has a history of defending Black Lives Matter before any facts are ever known. It’s no different with this story of Keith Lamont Scott. I mean did you REALLY think Scott was holding a book, when the police pulled their weapons and asked him to put his hands up and “drop the weapon”?  Come on man!

Here’s actual proof on Twitter:

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Oops! Yep. That’s a gun holster alright! So I guess they didn’t make it up.

Turns out there’s a lot more the liberal media didn’t tell the public either. Like what about the fact that Keith Lamont Scott had previous records of assault with a deadly weapon and a carrying a concealed weapon?  Nope. We certainly didn’t get that from the liberal MSM did we?

Still not enough info? How about this video from political commentator, Mike Dice:

Like I said the liberal MSM does not care if they report the facts. They do love to see the riots happen though. They also love to see Black Lives Matter stir up riots and see blacks portrayed as victims, even though they are not.

What else did the MSM forget to tell you? How about the other fact that Rakeyla Scott had asked last fall for a court to grant a protective order against her husband saying he had a gun and threatened to kill her? No. How about the fact that Keith Lamont Scott also had hit and kicked her and had even hit her 8-year-old child at least three times!

Nope…you didn’t hear THAT either did you?

Instead of all these facts, Black Lives Matter and violent protesters and criminals have continued to riot in Charlotte, North Carolina. These same protesters and criminals seem to just converge upon incidents like this everywhere across the nation. It’s like they feel they’re entitled to destroy public and private property, shoot innocent people, injure more law enforcement agents and cost innocent taxpayers and business owners thousands of dollars for destroyed properties.


Charlotte, North Carolina reminds us of the Ferguson, St. Louis riots all over again. And we all know who funded those riots….none other than the great socialist himself, George Soros. It’s well known that Soros has donated billions of dollars to fund social justice…riots in the street like Ferguson. It wouldn’t surprise me, one bit, to know he funded the Charlotte riots as well. I mean, did you ever ask yourself, why would buses of people come into a riot area? Why would most of those protestors from those buses who are arrested, be found to have out-of-state ID’s? Hmmmm.

Someone paid for those buses. Someone paid for the protesters to stay on the streets for days and riot! Someone paid those criminals to shout “Black Lives Matter!” and “Hands Up! Don’t Shoot”. Follow the money and I think you’ll find it’s someone… like George Soros.

It’s no suprise to democrats like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, who know exactly what’s going on. They know these facts, but the racial tensions and racial divide continues. All part of their plan to create havoc, divide the whites against blacks and add a wedge of mistrust between law enforcement agencies and the public in many communities across our nation. How else do you expect, Obama and Clinton to nationalize our police forces and have the public buy into it?  It’s coming folks and I won’t be surprised when it does. Consider yourselves warned.

If it looks like a DemocRat and smells like a DemocRat…it must be a DemocRat!




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