Pretty Sure Gen. Douglas MacArthur Wouldn’t Announce War Plans On A Website

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On Monday night, many Americans watched the first 2016 presidential debate between Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump take place at Hofstra University in New York. Of course, the debate would have been more enjoyable had the liberal moderator, Lester Holt, at least NOT been so obvious as to whom he was supporting. But the fact remains, Clinton should be better at debating – after all, she’s been in office for 30 years. Trump on the other hand, had a couple of missed opportunities, but did score a few points on the offense, especially on one of America’s most concerned topic of fighting terrorism and defeating ISIS.

Both Clinton and Trump have a plan. Unlike Obama and Clinton, Trump’s plan starts by closing the borders and not importing any more illegal immigrants from terrorist supporting nations, especially those in the Middle East. Clinton on the other hand, wanted the public to know she has a plan for fighting ISIS and everyone should visit her website. WHAT? Seriously?


H/T Mental Recession via The Daily Caller:

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump called out his rival Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s Islamic State policy by saying famed World War II hero Gen. Douglas MacArthur would not want to have to go to a website to find out the plan to defeat the terrorist organization.

She’s telling us how to fight ISIS. Just go to her website, she tells us how to fight ISIS on her website,” said Trump during the Monday night presidential debate. “I don’t think General Douglas MacArthur would like that too much.”

Of course, Hillary Clinton fired back with: “At least I have a plan!”

Seriously, Hillary. You call this a plan?

Trump is right about one thing – Everything Hillary states on her website could have been and should have been done while she was in office. If it was such a great plan, why didn’t she use it when she had the opportunity while she served as secretary of state?


Let’s examine Hillary’s 3-step plan to fight terrorism, shall we?

  1. Take out ISIS’ s stronghold in Iraq and Syria. Why didn’t Clinton do this when she was in office. Obama and Clinton had the opportunity – but didn’t because at the time ISIS was in it’s “infancy”; it was still a “JV team”. They could have also went OVER THERE to fight the fight, instead they have allowed some of these same imbeciles to come into America.
  2. Dismantle the global terrorism network. THAT’s the plan? Of course, we need to dismantle it, but that would first mean Obama and Clinton would have to first acknowledge radical Islamic terrorism exists! Which neither of them are willing to do. Once Obama and/or Clinton acknowledge THAT and stop the importation of illegals, then America can begin to fight the REAL fight.
  3. Harden our defenses at home and prevent attacks. Well, again that sounds simple, yet Clinton didn’t do that while she had the opportunity either. Clinton and Obama could have started by NOT allowing over 650,000 illegal immigrants into our country in the first place. These same Illegal immigrants, by the way, that were unvetted. Of which, some just happened to commit terrorist attacks on American soil – such as in San Bernardino, Orlando, New York, New Jersey and Minnesota. In addition, while THEY were in office. In addition, Obama and Clinton supported the horrendous Iranian nuclear deal. Iran not only got millions of dollars  to continue to support radical Islamic terrorism, they even got the privilege of inspecting their own nuclear reactors. Not to mention bans were lifted. This has supported China in helping Iran build MORE nuclear reactors, Russia to help supply Iran with more anti-aircraft missiles, and arms to be sold to Yemen and Syria – the very nations where ISIS has their stronghold. Great work! Thanks so much!!!

It seems instead of pointing the finger at Trump and accusing him of no plan, Clinton should take all the credit for a failed plan and failed polcies that are in place that has allowed the “JV team” ISIS to grow to it’s current existence – including in the United States. You know…including those attacks Clinton calls “lone-wolf” terrorism.

Clinton, here’s a few ideas: Admit that America has a radical Islamic terrorist problem and cells in the US. Stop giving money to countries that support terrorism and whose citizens scream “Death to America”. Stop allowing illegal immigrants into our country that are from terrorist supporting regions. Take the fight OVER there! Build our military back up, which you and Obama have depleted. Finally, STOP putting any kind of a “plan” on your website. No smart general will read it…but the terrorists might, just like they read your emails on your unsecure private email server (you know the one where you deleted over 30,000 emails and wiped clean… or maybe on the 13 cell phones…you know the ones you had smashed because your administration was so TRANSPARENT.)

If I may end on this note….



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