Obama’s Marines Are No Longer “the Few, the Proud”

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Barack Obama and his Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus, have had a seven-year assault on the Marines. Obama is certainly proved that he hates the military in general, but he seems to reserve a special brand of hatred for the Marine Corps.

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The Marines famous slogan, “The Few, the Proud” is being ditched in their advertising starting in 2017. In addition, the Marine Corps has been ordered to integrate women with men in their boot camps beginning in January 2017. That is Barack Obama’s parting shot at men and women whose boots he isn’t fit to lick.

The new slogan is rumored, at this point, to be “Focus on the Fight” but I’m pretty sure that hasn’t been approved. I understand that the slogan that Obama loves the best is, “The Few, The Gay, The Pussies.”

After all we wouldn’t want the Marines scaring the people that they are going to have to fight.

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