Obama Cracks Jokes About ISIS With Congressional Black Caucus: Then the Bombings…


Leave it to Obama to be timely with his ISIS remarks. First back in January, Obama referred to ISIS as the “JV team” and even stated they were “contained” the day before the brutal Paris attack. Then prior to the bombings this weekend Obama’s found, of all things, “joking” about ISIS to the Congressional Black Caucus. That’s right! Joking about them prior to the bombings in New York and New Jersey. That’s our wonderful commander-in-chief.

It’s Obama who brought all these thugs to America in the first place, and now he finds ISIS or his “JV team” to be funny. Hey Obama! Guess What? There’s NOTHING funny about fighting Radical Islamic Terrorism on our own American soil! And there’s also nothing funny about the lives that could have been lost because of these lowlifes you continually bring into our country even after horrific events like the Orlando nightclub shooting.  In fact, since you’ve taken office, there have been over 680,000 refugees brought into American under your administration coming from Islamic states with active jihadist movements such as Somalia, Bangladesh, Burma, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Bosnia and the Democratic Republic of Congo. That’s the Obama legacy!

Americans are sick of your leadership. Todd Starnes, host of Fox News and Commentary said it best:

Starnes recently tells Americans on Fox Nation’s “The Dispatch”: 

Obama cracks jokes while jihadists lay siege to America

Islamic radicals are once again waging jihad on American soil and President Obama is AWOL.

There have been attacks in New York, New Jersey, Minnesota and a charity run for Marines. Among the victims — an eight year old child and a 15-year-old girl.

And the only reason we’re not talking about massive casualties is because of alert citizens and the incompetence of the jihadist.

America is under siege and yet, our commander-in-chief remains silent. 

On Saturday night  — just moments after the bombings —  the president was bashing Donald Trump at the Congressional Black Caucus gala and cracking jokes about the Islamic State.


The president was cracking jokes while New Yorkers were digging shrapnel out of their bodies. 

Not only has President Obama not defeated ISIS — but now they are here — living among us — and more than willing to blow us up in the name of Allah.


But instead of calling out the president’s fecklessness — the mainstream media attacked Donald Trump — for having the gall to call the bomb a bomb.

Mr. Trump is the only person who had the courage to call for a temporary ban on immigration from places that are hotbeds of radical extremism.

But the mainstream media called him Islamophobic.

What part of “they want to kill us all” does the media not comprehend?

Starnes asks this very important question:

On Election Day you need to answer this one question — who do you trust to protect you and your family from the Islamic radicals?

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally at the Phoenix Convention Center, Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2016, in Phoenix. (AP Photo/Matt York)

(AP Photo/Matt York)

Think long and hard because the safety of your loved ones is on the line! 

Starnes ends with “Be Safe America!”

Todd Starnes is absolutely right! Obama got his transgender washrooms and his medical marijuana bills passed. He got the disaster of a healthcare bill, Obamacare passed. He divided our country racially like it’s never been since the ’60’s with all his support for Black Lives Matter. But he wasn’t a leader or commander-in-chief – not against Russia or the Middle East and certainly not against the real threat of Radical Islamic Terrorism. That is the Obama legacy! Many Americans voted for the first African-American president for “Hope and Change”. But Obama didn’t bring any hope to African Americans or their communities. That’s the real joke that many Americans fell for.

He did bring change, though and lots of it. Obama brought millions of Muslims into our once safe country. But he has never ONCE admitted that America has a terrorist problem. He has never once admitted our vetting processes are unsafe. He has never once admitted that ANY of the attacks on American soil – San Bernardino, Orlando, Boston Marathon, New York, New Jersey and now Minnesota – were caused by Radical Islamic Terrorists. Never once.

Our ONLY hope now, is that Americans don’t continue down this same path of destruction, cover ups and lies. Americans deserve better. We deserve the TRUTH.

On Sunday, Trump was the only one who spoke of the TRUTH. He called the bomb a bomb. He called the terrorists, terrorists. Trump has proven to be far more correct about terrorism than anbody – that includes Obama and Clinton.

Isn’t it time for REAL change and  America to be great again?






Think long and hard — because the safety of your loved ones is on the line.


Todd Starnes is host of Fox News & Commentary, heard on hundreds of radio stations. His latest book is “God Less America: Real Stories From the Front Lines of the Attack on Traditional Values.

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