Obama Admin Comes Clean on Cash for Hostages:

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Obama’s administration hid the fact that pallets of $400 million in Euros and Swiss francs were delivered to Iran for the release of our hostages in the middle of the night on a private plane to ensure the release of our American hostages on January 17th. Then, the administration said it wasn’t a “ransom” but it was part of the payment contingent for the prisoners to be released. Now, the adminstration says it was all part of an earlier botched arms deal.


H/T Daily Mail

: The Obama administration has admitted paying $1.7billion to Iran entirely in cash to settle a decades-old aborted arms deal.

The payments were made on January 22 and February 5, officials said, weeks after the release of four American prisoners detained in Tehran.

Officials previously admitted flying $400million in pallets of Euros, Swiss francs and other currency to Iran on January 17, the same day the prisoners were released.

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While administrations officials have denied the money was paid in ransom, they have now admitted the payment was contingent on the prisoners being freed.

Now sources have told the Associated Press that the remaining $1.3billion was paid in cash too.

Treasury Department spokeswoman Dawn Selak blamed the unusual payment on ‘the effectiveness of US sanctions’, which she says mean Iran is completely isolated from the international banking system.

But opponents say the untraceable cash could easily be funneled to terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah, which Iran is known to support.

The news emerged at a closed-door briefing held for officials from the State, Justice and Treasury departments on the payments, according to a Capitol Hill aide familiar with the session.


The $1.7billion represents money America owes Tehran following a 1970s arms deal with the shah’s government that fell apart following the revolution there.

America refused to deliver $400million in arms to the new Islamic government, but held on to the money as well.

The remaining $1.3billion is interest that Tehran has charged on the money over the past 30 years.

The money came from a little-known fund administered by the Treasury Department for settling litigation claims.

The so-called Judgment Fund is taxpayer money Congress has permanently approved in the event it’s needed, allowing the president to bypass direct congressional approval to make a settlement.

On Tuesday, Republicans announced their support for legislation that would bar payments from the Judgment Fund to Iran until Tehran pays the nearly $55.6 billion that U.S. courts have judged that it owes to American victims of Iranian terrorism.

What did Donald Trump have to say about it?


Yes. Talk about an incompetent American president, Barack Hussein Obama. A president who has gutted our military, supported the Muslim Brotherhood, supported a disastrous Iranian Nuclear Deal which funds, and been the most embarassing American president since President Jimmy Carter. But what else did you expect when Obama promised the “most transparent administration”?


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