NRA Delivers Chilling New Ad: ‘Don’t Let Hillary Leave You Defenseless…”

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The NRA just released some very effective ads this year. But this new ad about Hillary Clinton leaving you defenseless is going to leave a mark…

This is usually where leftists chime in and say, “You’re an anti-woman racist transphobe! Liberals don’t want to take your guns away. They just want basic ‘common sense’ reforms. Also, BS talking point #7 and BS talking point #32.”

Here’s the problem with that…

Hillary Clinton has already called for a 25% tax on guns before.
She also won’t say she thinks the 2nd Amendment is Constitutional.

Probably because she thinks the Supreme Court always gets the 2nd Amendment wrong.
In other words, Hillary on guns…


Like most leftists, Hillary Clinton isn’t against guns at all. She’s against YOU defending yourself with guns. Obviously, she needs protection in the form of an armed security detail. That sexy pantsuit isn’t going to save itself. But we don’t need a gun. We can use hair spray and a lighter or just call the police. Don’t forget, both Obama and Hillary praise the Australian gun ban.

Which is why this ad… is so gosh darn effective! Camp Cankles won’t like it much. Which, of course, is why we do. It’s also seriously accurate. Look up, “Thanks Second Amendment: 65-year-old Granny Shoots Mugger… and Whoops! Man Breaks into Home. Meets FAMILY Armed with Guns… Yes, people who have guns are more able to save themselves from baddies. #ActualCommonSense”

Other than this, though, liberals are still lying liars who lie about guns…

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