Now Hillary’s Laptop is “Missing” ?

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So, you’re goin’ love this one. First, there was Hillary Clinton’s private email server which taxpayers funded.Then, there were thousands of classified emails either missing or deleted and Hillary was just “extremely careless”.  Now, it seems there’s a laptop missing or “apparently lost in the mail” along with a thumb drive of Clinton’s archive emails. How convenient right? How is it, all these “convenient” or “perfectly timed” things just keep happening to Hillary? I wonder who’s she going to blame for this one?


A personal laptop computer used to archive Hillary Clinton’s e-mails when she was secretary of state went missing after being put in the mail, according to the FBI’s report on its investigation into her use of a private e-mail system.

E-mails that Clinton sent and received through her private server during her tenure were archived on the laptop in 2013 by a person who was an assistant to former President Bill Clinton, the FBI said in its heavily redacted investigative report released Friday.

The revelation of the two archives, one on the laptop and one on the thumb drive, is contained in a detailed report about the FBI’s investigation of Clinton’s private email account. The report contained new information about how the archives were handled, as well as how a private company deleted emails in its possession, at the same time that congressional investigators were demanding copies.

 The archives on the laptop and thumbdrive were constructed by Clinton aides in 2013, using a convoluted process, before her emails were turned over to State Department officials and later scrubbed to determine which ones had classified information and should either be withheld from public view or could be released with redactions. The archive of messages would contain none of those safeguards, potentially exposing classified information if it were ever opened and its contents read.

Someone whose name was redacted in the FBI report told the agency that he later deleted the e-mails from the laptop but didn’t wipe its hard drive. A computer technician can often recover such e-mails that have been deleted but not permanently erased from a laptop’s memory.

 The FBI sought the laptop as part of its investigation, but it’s whereabouts remain unknown, the bureau said: The last time the laptop was seen was when it was put in the mail.
So the FBI, the same people that said HIllary Clinton was just “extremely careless” about her emails and server, have now said “it’s in the mail”… but we can’t find it. Sure thing. Why wouldn’t we believe that story? You fell for the Benghazi story…that the riot was caused by a movie… didn’t you?
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A senior Clinton aide, Huma Abedin, told the FBI that the archive on the laptop and thumb drive were meant to be “a reference for the future production of a book,” according to the FBI report. Another aide, however, said that the archive was set up after the email account of a Clinton confidante and longtime adviser, Sidney Blumenthal, was compromised by a Romanian hacker.
If you really believe that an archive was meant to be a reference of a book….I’ve got some swamp land in Florida I think you’d like. Personally, I’m going to believe the aide who said the account was set up after Sidney Blumenthal’s email and Clinton’s were compromised. And we all know what happened to Sidney Blumenthal, right?
Bottomline is someone screwed up. The laptop was at the home of a personal aide of Clinton’s, Monica Hanley. She worked with someone to transfer the emails, but couldn’t, so she “allegedly” shipped the laptop to an employee of the Platte River Networks. The contents were transferred to a personal Google email…then the dude deleted the emails, but forgot to “wipe it clean” and sent it to another Clinton aide. SHE claims she never got it. RIGHT! Got it!? (wink! wink!)
If the American people believe all this garbage…then maybe we deserve to have Hillary Clinton for President. Come on people! Are you really THAT gullible?



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