No Two Snowflakes Are the Same: “Emotional First-Aid Kits” Now Available – UNREAL!

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James O’Keefe and his “Project Veritas” spent some time melting snowflakes at the University of Houston the summer.

If you don’t follow what’s going on in higher education you should. You should also lay in a good supply of adult beverages before you start your research, you’ll need it.

The latest trend on campuses is precious little snowflake students whining about “micro aggressions.” A micro-aggression can be anything that hurts any random student’s tender little feelings. The bottom line of all this is to give campus progressives the ability to exclude any opinions but their own on campus.

Our hero Mr. O’Keefe went to the University of Houston and talk to some students and some folks in their psychology department. His premise was to distribute “Emotional First Aid” kits around the campus. That way when a little snowflake feels micro-aggressed they can run to a first-aid kit and grab a fuzzy blanket to calm their emotions.


The cost to attend the University of Houston is about $34,000 a year. In the world of higher education, $135,000 just doesn’t buy much anymore.

I hope the little snowflakes in Houston have internships lined up at Starbucks because that’s where they’re likely to be working when they get out of school hoping to pay off their student loan debt. I can’t imagine they’d be qualified to do anything else.

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