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NFL CRACKS DOWN: Will Fine Players Who Honor 9/11 Victims!


The NFL made the monumental mistake of fining NFL players for showing support to the 9/11 victims and first responders during games. Will there be any repercussions for their stance on supporting America’s freedom? If not, there should be!

Why is it okay to sit down and show hatred toward your country but heaven forbid if anyone shows a little bit of pride they get fined up the ass for it. This stupid backward society makes no sense at all sometimes.

It appeared initially that the NFL might turn a blind eye to these players for violating the league’s uniform code, but it looks like all three will take a hit to their wallets.
At the same time these three patriotic Americans are being fined the NFL has not done anything to stop players disrespecting the America during the national anthem. 2016-09-14 11_01_45-REPORT_ NFL Fines Players Who Honored 9_11 Victims _ The Daily CallerNot a great look for NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

The entire reason they have the regulation is to keep unapproved sponsors on the field, but, you would think they would show a little mercy on the day of our countries largest terrorist attack!

Shouldn’t there be some kind of exception to the rule stating that love for your country is not sponsorship?!

I guess there are always going to be those idiots who ruin it for everyone else. If they let people start wearing patriotic gear we would probably have Muslims wanting to wear a burka on the field because it stands for what hey believe in or some crappy excuse like that.


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