Recent details emerge that DESTROY liberal narrative on Charlotte

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Over the past week, rioters have been causing chaos all across Charlotte, NC. The riots are in response to the police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott, who is that latest “victim” of an unarmed black man that was killed by racist police brutality. Scott’s wife, who filmed the shooting, told police he wasn’t armed and was supposedly only carrying a book.

Of course, as usual, the media mislead Americans in order to make the shooting seem a lot more sketchy than it really was. Those citing this as an unjustified act of police violence don’t want to admit that this man was a violent criminal. Rioters have stated that this was further “proof” that police are racist should know the officer who shot Scott was black himself. BUT WAIT. Guess what was discovered at the crime scene…no no it wasn’t an innocent little book, but a BIG BAD GUN. Guess what else…this really takes the cake, there was a holster on Scott’s leg spotted in the police dash-cam footage.

And if you thought it couldn’t get better from here it does! As it turns out, the gun Scott was carrying had been reported stolen after a breaking and entering, according to the police.

As it turns out, Scott has a history of violence, and there’s no reason to think he wouldn’t have used his firearm if he had the chance. In fact, Scott had previously served time in prison for firing a gun at a police officer.

As recorded in the video of the incident by Scott’s wife, she’s heard telling officers that he wasn’t armed — which we all know was a lie — a calculated lie. As Steven Crowder reported: Here’s an additional problem to the growing list of narrative busters: last year Mrs. Scott told the police her husband DID have a gun. A gun she claimed he would shoot her with.

And this was apparently a regular occurrence…

He was not allowed near their Gastonia apartment they’d called home since April 2014, according to court documents. He was told to turn over a black 9mm handgun he owned illegally.
Eleven days later, Rakeyia Scott voluntarily dismissed the order against her husband, writing, “He is no longer a threat to me and my family.” But three days before she got the order, Keith Scott had kicked her, punched their 8-year-old in the head three times and threatened to kill her with the gun, she had written.

“He said he is a ‘killer’ and we should know that,” she wrote. She said the man she’d been married to since she was 18 did not have a gun permit and was a felon, having been incarcerated from April 2004 to April 2011. She checked a box saying her husband had threatened her with the gun before.

They didn’t want Scott dead, the cops merely wanted to go home to their families that night, so they chose to end a criminals life instead of their own. And why wouldn’t they? They did nothing wrong.

Seriously, is it really unreasonable to think that this man who’s record of firing at a police officer and threatening his wife with a gun is incapable of hurting the police? I’d say at the very least, police had reason to fear him.

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