Naked Man Found In Field, Cops Horrified At What’s On His Chest

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A friendly woman received a knock at the door, when she opened it she was so shocked it’s hard to imagine how she didn’t have a heart attack! There stood a bloody little boy begging for help. She urgently phoned the police who were eventually taken to a nearby field, where they discovered a naked man.

As if seeing a naked man in the field weren’t bad enough, the officers were left confused and disturbed at what was on his chest.

Boyd Andrus appeared to be a friendly man to everyone around him, one day, though, he just snapped and as he was traveling down the road in Burlington Township with his two sons in tow when he decided to get rid of one.

He opened the door to his moving car and out went his 6-year-old son, he didn’t want two kids anymore. After that bump in the road was taken care off he drove off with his one-year-old, leaving the older one in a pile of dust.

When cops finally caught up with the father, they were shocked at what they saw him doing.


When troopers located Andrus’s car, they say he was out of the car, walking through a field. They say he was naked and holding his one-year-old son, who was also naked. When he saw troopers, he began yelling “fire” at them.

Police say the one-year-old child was flown to Geisinger Medical Center near Danville in critical condition with a skull fracture.

“He’s still in Danville. I guess he’s doing better. He’s starting to eat and drink and stuff. The swelling has gone down on his head,” Johns said.

According to the criminal complaint, Andrus’ wife said she had concerns over his actions lately, saying he has not been eating or sleeping but reading the Bible.

According to reports, the boy was badly injured. Fortunately, he managed to drag himself to the closest house for help and the police were immediately called. With not much of a lead to go off of the officers searched the fields around the area until they found the naked man.

When they found him they took him in, no other signs of instability were needed to prove that he was a danger to his children and family. Both parents deserve to have their children taken away, not only are they unstable, but they are extremely stupid!


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