Muslim Attempts To Rape Woman, Only 5 Words Have Cops Dropping Charges

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A New York woman was approached by a desperate Muslim migrant. He made it clear that he wanted to be sexually intimate with her and when she declined his disgusting, perverted offer, he became enraged! However, as soon as he was identified and arrested by police, they decided not to charge him….over 5 disturbing words.


23-year-old Rochester woman was walking to her apartment complex on Thursday when a 21-year-old Middle Eastern man on a bicycle approached her and attempted to strike up a conversation. Unfortunately, the migrant didn’t speak English, so he tried using his cell phone to translate.

When this too failed, he expressed through a series of gestures his desire to kiss and embrace the woman. As expected, the young woman didn’t want to make out with a complete stranger who believes it’s socially acceptable to approach women and demand sexual favors. However, the migrant didn’t take rejection too well.

When she turned to go into her apartment, the Muslim migrant grabbed her and began kissing her. He reportedly thrust his hand between her legs and sexually assaulted her before she managed to break free and call the authorities. Much to her dismay, the police weren’t going to be any help.

After hunting down the suspect, they realized that the Muslim migrant is actually a temporary patient of the Mayo Clinic and is being treated for a brain trauma. It was upon hearing that he has a brain injury that police decided that the migrant sex attacker will not be charged because he may not know what he was doing

He must be mental, no other Muslim would have asked, they would have just started going at it like a dog in heat. Mental or not mental, this crazy pervert shouldn’t be free to walk the streets, he should be behind bars…in his own country.

The “mental” migrant was certainly capable of riding a bike, and using his cell phone to translate his language into English, not to mention all of the body gestures he used to insinuate his sexual motives. Even severely mentally handicapped people are told over and over again that they can’t even hug girls or strangers. I’m doubting that this man was severely handicapped…maybe he was severely brainwashed but that is not exactly the same thing.

Whatever they want to call it whether it’s “mental issues” or simply “cultural differences,” liberals have made it effortless for Muslims to escape appropriate punishment for even the most heinous acts. Now, our guests realize just how weak we are, they are taking advantage that Obama has made us incapable of protecting ourselves.

Muslim migrants have been raping and assaulting their way across Europe, and now the U.S. is discovering what her overseas neighbors already know. Muslim men stare at Western women as nothing more than a sex slave to appease their monstrous appetite, free for the taking.

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