Mom Places Baby In Shopping Cart, Baby Looks Like This Next Day…

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On a routine trip to the grocery store, this mother placed her child in the grocery cart, and like any other day, did her usual shopping.

The next morning she was in for a BIG surprise, her worst nightmare had come true. She was fearing for her baby’s life, 24-hours after returning home, over something very simple that she forgot to do. He was completely healthy until she placed him in the shopping cart’s child seat. When her baby awoke the next morning he lost 10 percent of his body weight and was practically incoherent.

Vivienne Wardrop is an extremely busy mother-of-five, all she wanted to do was get in and out of the store as quickly as possible by taking her youngest child, 10-month-old Logan, to the store, while the others stayed home with her husband.

Like most of us parents, she put her baby in the child’s seat to contain him but made one common, massive, mistake. Now, she’s taken it upon herself to tell others of this scary, life-threatening danger. You have been warned, no matter how much of a hurry you are in, don’t skip this step, it cost you your child’s life.

Little Logan was his happy self after the store, so when he began uncontrollably vomiting and having explosive diarrhea the next day, Vivienne couldn’t figure out where his sudden condition was coming from. Nothing she tried to do to help him worked, as he refused to take a bottle and couldn’t keep anything inside his small body. When his diarrhea got so bad that he started passing blood with it, the 35-year-old mom from Australia took her baby to the doctor to get immediate help and answers.

According to the Daily Mail, Logan’s pediatrician told Vivienne that he just had a virus and it would pass. However, it only kept getting worse. On the next day, she took him to the hospital where she received a devastating diagnosis. After a battery of tests, doctors determined that Logan had a terrifying combination of adenovirus, rotavirus, salmonella, and meningitis.

“I’d never seen a child this sick, I have five children,” Vivienne said. “He lost 10 percent of body weight in three days – 800 grams – and went to being bloated because the water wouldn’t go into the cells – it was terrifying.”

The next step was figuring out how he contracted all at once, which physicians said was very unusual. The mother insisted the only place she had been with her little boy was the grocery store, and her doctor believes that Logan picked it up from the germ-infested shopping cart handle.

I am very guilty of surpassing this habitual step, as I’m sure many others are as well. Hopefully, you will no longer think of disinfecting the cart handle as a germaphobe thing to do. Do not underestimate the importance of cleanliness.

Viviane has even suggested a blanket for protection, but this could possibly pick up the germs and bring them home, so it’s not the best option between the two. Even if you don’t have a kiddie tagging along, it’s good for anyone to know to avoid contracting any or all of what this baby got.

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