Mom Loses Son, 4 Years Later She’s Discovered With Something Astonishing In Her Hands

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If you have never experienced the loss of a child it’s hard to even fathom what that might be like. One mother had the unfortunate experience of going through such a loss when he was only 15-months-old. When something like this happens, people can do crazy things. Her little boy accidently fell into a pond and drowned, so, when she was recently spotted walking into a school with a few items in her hands, every person who saw her was left absolutely stunned by what they were.

A mother from Viera, Florida, Courtney Scott, was completely distraught after she lost her 15-month-old son, Carsyn, when he drowned in a pond. About four years later, the little boy would have been heading off to his first day of kindergarten, a day that this poor mother dreaded since his passing. However, instead of getting choked up like the average person would or sitting around moping on her son’s would-be “first day,” she made a decision. Scott walked into his school with all eyes on her, they gasped when they saw the unusual items in her hand.


A few months before Carsyn’s “First day,” Scott decided to create a Facebook event, seeking donations to provide school supplies for local schools. “I expected my friends and family may donate some, but everyone began sharing my event and soon donations were pouring in from all over,” Scott told CBS News. To her surprise, the simple gesture raised more than $1,500 to put towards school supplies.

Although she wanted to walk her son to school on his first day and was heartbreakingly unable to live that memorable moment, it still brought her joy to walk through the door with several school supplies in honor of her son. “I didn’t get to walk into kindergarten with Carsyn, but I was able to walk in with his memory and that was special,” Scott explained.


Scott found her joy through helping others and plans on continuing to do something every year, although, she currently doesn’t know what. She said she knew it would bring a smile to her son’s face, “It is my mission to continue his memory until I take my last breath,” she said.

By continuing her son’s memory, she feels she has already helped so many in his honor.

To see just what this mother is currently going through sounds so dreadful, but at least she inspires others to appreciate what they have. Many parents get caught up in their lives and have no appreciation for their kids until it’s too late. What an inspirational woman. Knowing that this mother made it possible to bring good to the world despite her devastating loss is a great example for other grieving parents.

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