Mom Catches Disabled Son & Friend, Immediately Films When She Discovers What’s Happening!

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One of the most wonderful parts about watching children play together is the fact that they often see past each other’s differences. They are carefree and could care less if someone is different than them.

Most children are simply not affected in the slightest when another child has a disability. Instead, they play together and help one another when needed.

They are the kind of friends who have each other’s back, and will always lend a helping hand. That’s how Felipe Wendel acts around his best friend Augusto Barbieri, anyway.

Felipe stands by Augusto’s side no matter what. It is adorable how Felipe pays ZERO attention to Augusto’s physical impairments. They play with one another just like any other friends, however, Felipe is always able to help out when Augusto’s disability proves a challenge.

This heart-melting video will turn you into absolute putty when you see Felipe assisting Augusto when they want to go on the swing together. Felipe is so eager to help out when Augusto can’t seem to get on it by himself.
Getting onto the swing is not easy and takes time, but Felipe is tireless, he never quits and never gets frustrated. The two simply work together so they can swing together!

Felipe doesn’t want to play without his buddy, so he gets him onto the two-person swing and once they are on they are happy as can be! You can tell Felipe is literally overjoyed that Augusto is up there with him and they get to continue to play together.

The moment is so special and heartwarming. Many of us understand what it means to love a friend so much that you would do anything for them.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we all grew up to be like little children? With no judgment because someone is different. These two are the epitome of what true friendship looks like!


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