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Miami Dolphins Are Dead to Me!


The Miami Dolphins are dead to me after kneeling during the national anthem during Sunday’s game on September 11th!

We live in a country where protesting is a foundational right and they have the right. But the disrespect by these Dolphins for the flag and those who have fought for the freedoms that it represents is horrific!

3,000 lost their lives on September 11, 2001, and that is much more important than the liberal false narrative that police are targeting the black community.

Since the incident Sunday, the backlash has been huge and it should be! These spoiled Dolphins football players are acting like children, not adults. They are not only disrespecting the flag, 9/11. our first responders and our Nation, they are disrespecting the NFL, the team,and their fans!

They already have a bully pulpit. At any time, any one of them can almost command an interview!Let your feelings be known then. Do not force your nonsense on the dedicated football fans who could not give a “you know what” about your worthless ignorant opinion.

The Miami Dolphins are dead to me after kneeling during the national anthem during Sunday's game on September 11th!

Most of you are fortunate to be making the big bucks. If it was not for football, most of you would have never entered college! You are well known for pushing the buttons in an elevator and then waiting for candy to come out!

Most of you would be working flipping burgers or cleaning toilets had you not been given such a wonderful Dolphins opportunity to participate in the American Dream. Instead of being thankful you poop all over it, spreading lies.

I understand that most of you are not bright enough to really understand the whole issue and like the lemmings that you are, are just following a lead.

The Miami Dolphins are dead to me after kneeling during the national anthem during Sunday's game on September 11th!

Get some self respect dudes! Educate yourselves to the truth! The facts surrounding this issue can be understood with the 6th grade mentality that most of you have. You can get this if you try.

But if you don’t, quit being whiny, crying infants and stand up like men and behave yourselves. You are embarrassing!

So there, you Dolphins!




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