McDonald’s Makes Shock Announcement: Welcome to Obama’s America!

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Well, WHAT ELSE did you expect?  Obama has allowed over 650,000 illegal immigrants into our nation and he’s hoping that number is close to 1 million by the time he leaves office. He’s got to do something with these folks and what better way than to look like he has created jobs in our economy. So what if these immigrants are taking jobs from Americans that  live in this nation? So what if these immigrants make less money? THIS is Obama’s America! Import hundreds of thousands of illegals. Give businesses tax incentives. Give immigrants jobs. Give Democrats more votes. Screw the American workers! Sounds about right!


H/T Brietbart:

The H-1B outsourcing in the nation’s heartland showcases the growing corporate use of foreign H-1B workers to replace American white-collar professionals, and it comes after companies have used waves of legal and illegal migrants to slash blue-collar jobs and wages in Ohio and around the country.

Also, the 70 Ohio jobs that McDonalds outsourced to lower wage foreign graduates are not Silicon Valley technology and software jobs — they’re white-collar accounting jobs performed by graduates from mainstream business schools. That outsourcing of mainstream business jobs spotlights the growing movement of foreign workers into all corners of the nation’s white-collar professional economy.

White-collar outsourcing “is not just a Silicon Valley thing anymore, it is happening all over” the country, said Steve Camarota, head of research at the Center for Immigration Studies.

Nationwide, the foreign population of white-collar temporary workers, dubbed “guest-workers,” now exceeds 800,000, including roughly 650,000 H-1B workers on multi-year visas.

The outsourcing in Columbus, Ohio, was explained as a cost saving effort by a McDonald’s spokeswoman. “To deliver $500 million in savings, the vast majority by the end of 2017, we are restructuring many aspects of our business, including an accounting function,” said spokeswoman Terri Hickey.

The outside contractor is Genpact, a New York-based firm that outsources work to Indians who are allowed to work in the United States for several years once they get an H-1B visa. The company is a spinoff from General Electric, and its biggest owner is Bain Capital. “Thank you for your inquiry but we are unable to comment on details of our client engagements due to confidentiality,” Gail Marold, the Genpact spokeswoman, told Breitbart News. A map of Genpact’s H-1B outsourcing contracts can be found here.

The outsourcing deal was revealed when McDonalds sought federal taxpayers’ funds to compensate the 70 fired Americans.


The outsourcing news comes as Donald Trump campaigns on the popular promise to reform the H-1B and immigration programs and while Hillary Clinton is promising to expand companies’ hiring of foreign blue-collar and white-collar workers.

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Like I said, Obama has imported thousands of immigrants and then promised tax incentives to businesses if they will hire them. Illegal immigrants have been rewarded the title “Guest workers”. In the beginning, American’s were sold on some illegals being brought in, because they were told the jobs that couldn’t be filled or there was a shortage of blue-collar workers – farm-workers, janitors, groundskeepers, and restaurant workers. But since then, Obama’s added so much more incentives and expanded the list of jobs to white-color jobs like accountants, teachers, college professors, engineers, doctors or you name it!

Hey, if you were a multi-billion dollar business, wouldn’t you take the incentive? The bottomline is profit. Sadly thanks to Obama and all the incentives, businesses don’t have any allegiance to American workers any more.

Oh, and all of the unemployed college graduates in America…they have Obama to thank. Obama has not only expanded the outsourcing, but increased the visas of the H-B1s.

But what about the provisions, you ask? The no displacement provisions do not apply if a worker is paid at least $60,000 or has a relevant graduate degree. Unfortunately, for Americans the bulk of H-1B workers meet these provisions

So, don’t worry about those higher minimum wage bills! Shoot the Democrats and politicians have this all figured out. They get Americans to pass laws to say they should have higher minimum wages that not only puts more Americans out of work, but it gives more illegal immigrants that Obama has brought into our country more jobs. It is also supported by more Chamber of Commerces and businesses, because they can pay them less wages AND still make MORE money from incentives with tax payers footing the bill . Makes sense, right?

…Oh and did I mention the Democrats are even passing bills in some states to get these illegals voting rights too?

Screwed again Focker!


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