Malia Gets Dirty Surprise Once Boy’s Private Pic Revealed What’s At Her Knees

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Not getting caught as a teenager is hard enough when you want to do things your parents disagree with. But, when you have a rebel side and your daddy’s the president, you have to be on your best behavior at ALL times.

At least that’s what any good girl should know, but not Malia, she is bound to test her parent’s patience to their limits. How embarrassing considering the Obama’s try to put on a show like they have the perfect American family.

It’s unfortunate for this little lady that someone’s cell phone seems to catch her in not-so-flattering acts with increasing frequency. The latest in a string of unfortunate exposures is a boy’s private picture that leaked on Snapchat, all attention was brought to the teen’s knees.

The issue with being 18 and the president’s daughter in a time when technology catches your every move is that it often ends up on social media and from there it spreads like wildfire.

So give up any privacy you hoped to have had Malia, it just doesn’t exist.

While at a private residence in Maryland on August 23, Barack Obama’s oldest daughter was having a great time, not thinking about who might be documenting it. Perhaps her friendship with one party-goer wasn’t as solid as she thought as the unidentified individual leaked the Snapchat photo to the Daily Mail. Malia had more or less posed for the shot, assuming she was safe to do so, but she got the nasty surprise that she was wrong.

Staring straight at the camera, the teen is seen in a cropped top and booty shorts. A table covered in a mess of plastic solo cups, cheap beer, and ironically, patriotic confetti. She’s still three years away from the legal age when she can consume beer, and although she’s not actually caught chugging down any of the Natural Light, Bud Light, or Miller Light in the candid photo, it’s likely that she was participating in this drinking game of beer pong.

The party reportedly took place just a few days after Malia returned home with her family after vacationing at Martha’s Vineyard, where she was also caught partying. The girl, although technically an adult at 18 years old, is certainly being a teen and not acting much differently than others her age across the country, but there is a reason these incidents keep coming up as a point of concern that others are choosing to ignore.

So many people become furious when something about Obama’s daughters is mentioned, like what they wear, the teen attitude they show, or their partying ways. Is this topic off limits for some reason? Because the Obama’s knew exactly what they were getting into when they chose the life of “fame”.

Does anyone remember Bush’s twins in their teens years? There was absolutely NOTHING that was off limits when it came to criticism, but now our snowflake society has a problem with telling people like it is, not to mention Democrats are hypocrites, so there’s that.

The very same people who are outraged over anything said about the Obama girls were most likely the ones questioning George and Laura Bush’s parenting

It’s sad that Malia has to act so immature. If this isn’t a desperate cry for help I don’t know what is. This girl obviously wants the attention of her parents and she isn’t getting it because they are too busy screwing up the world together.

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