Would You Like to Watch What Happens if Hillary Disarms Her Bodyguards?

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The presidential election is less than two months away. If Hillary’s smart, she’ll keep her frailing body and mind out of the news and away from cameras…but like I said that’s “if” she’s smart. Trump on the other hand is going to continue to “say it like it is” because most Americans are fed up with Obama’s so-called “most transparent administration in history”. The candidates and their words for each other are going to continue to heat up.

Last week Clinton stated ‘half’ of Trump voters belonged in ‘the basket of deplorables’ as ‘racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic [and] Islamaphobic’ Republicans.

Trump on the other hand, did what any good politician running for office would do he used Clinton’s very own words against her. He spoke in front of a screen or backdrop using Clinton’s very own… “Les Deplorables” to good use.


Trump even addressed the audience with Clinton’s same word when he said: ‘Welcome all of you deplorables!’ 

Yes, that’s right! Trump and his supporters are using Clinton’s label of “deplorables” against Trump as a sign of “honor”.

On Friday in Miami, Trump sarcastically called for Clinton’s Secret Service agents to drop their weapons:

“She goes around with armed bodyguards like you have never seen before. I think that her bodyguards should drop all weapons. They should disarm.

Right? Right?

I think they should disarm. Immediately, what do you think, yes?

Take their guns away! She doesn’t want guns…Let’s see what happens to her.”

Yes. That’s right! The TRUTH is Clinton DOESN’T want guns! Bottomline: Clinton’s against the 2nd Amendment! But leave it to the liberal MSM to take Trump’s words and try to spin them to Clinton’s advantage.

Here’s some comments from Twitter from some who were paying attention:

Trump: “I think her bodyguards should drop all weapons. They should disarm immediately. Take their guns away, let’s see what happens to her”

Huh. Trump says Hillary’s bodyguards should disarm. “Take their guns away. Let’s see what happens to her.”

Trump says that because of Clinton’s stance on 2A her bodyguards should “disarm.” Then he adds “let’s see what happens to her.”

Trump says since Hillary backs gun control, her bodyguards should disarm. I guess contrapositive would be Trump should allows guns @ rallies

Here’s the comments on Twitter from those with “the MSM spin”:

Trump just said, “take their guns away & we’ll see what happens” referring to Hillary’s Secret Service security detail…

@AdamParkhomenko It will be very dangerous. Here’s your presidential candidate @GOP. Again floating the notion of harm to his rival. Own it.

Trump again raised specter of gun violence against Clinton

@GideonResnick@thedailybeast Call it for what it is. Inciting violence. Trump challenged one of his deplorable gang to kill Clinton

You see the difference don’t you?

Trump did NOT incite ANY danger against Hillary. He was only trying to state a fact. That truthful fact – Clinton does NOT support guns or the 2nd Amendment. But that’s what happens when the MSM leaps beyond the TRUTH and ONLY hears what they want  you to hear…like Clinton.  It’s no surprise, the MSM is in Clinton’s pocket…there’s no dispute about that. Just like Clinton, the MSM will continue to try and paint Donald Trump as a biggot and racist….far from the truth as possible. But you didn’t expect anything less of Clinton or the MSM did you?

Yes, there are less than 60 days before the election of the next president. The TRUTH: There’s only ONE candidate who will uphold the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment and that’s Donald Trump! Because whether Hillary Clinton will admit it or not, guns SAVE lives…that includes hers….and THAT’S the point Trump was trying to make!



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