Katy Perry Bares All At Polling Station: “Let Those Babies Loose!” [Video]

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Love must be in the air for Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom. Earlier this year Orlando was all over the social media baring all while on a paddle board. On National Voter Registration Day, it seems singer Katy Perry is following in those same footsteps to ‘bare all” but with a cause…behind it. I can hear her ‘ROAR’ now!

On Monday Katy Perry hinted from a tweet: “TOMORROW, I USE MY BODY AS CLICK BAIT TO HELP CHANGE THE WORLD.”

Well, if you had any respect for Katy as a singer, you might have just lost it. Because like most liberals in Hollywood, Katy is a Clinton supporter.  In a video to support voter registration and encourage GOTV (get out the vote), Katy bares all in the “Funny or Die” video.

NJMIBgKnSNeNBWjk1MML_KP-Thumb H/T Fox News:

Katy Perry stripped down for a “Funny or Die” clip in which she emphasizes the importance of voting.

Today, on National Voter Registration Day, Katy Perry shared the video that features her hopping out of bed, heading to vote and taking her off her clothes. In the clip, Perry is arrested for getting naked. Her point? It doesn’t matter what you wear to vote.

“This year, you can look like s–t when you vote,” she says in the video. “In the name of democracy, any just out-of-bed look is A-OK.”

She jokes, “My bad, you have to wear clothes. See you at the polls November 8th.”

Here’s the video:

As a Clinton supporter…there’s NO WAY Katy Perry or the rest of the liberal Clinton supporters have read the Constitution. If they did, they would all know how many times Hillary and Obama have abused it and in some cases still are. It seems most liberals don’t seem to have any use for the Constitution, including Hillary.

I do encourage everyone to get out and vote this election cycle, especially on Tuesday, November 8th. Early voting has already started in some states. I hope you will take the process seriously though, because there is certainly a lot at stake…including our Constitution, the selection of Supreme Court justices, and whether or not we “Make America Great Again” or America keeps heading down the path of socialism.

Knowing Kathy Perry’s popularity, she will likely start a trend of “nude voting” Clinton liberal voters. I hear Madonna’s already jumped on the wagon. As Republicans, we can only hope they all get arrested before they vote which should help cut back on the “low-information” voters for Clinton, which let’s face it – is all of her votes.

For the sake of America, I hope everyone is “WIDE AWAKE” when you vote. Because if Donald Trump does NOT get elected as our next president, we will all be singing Katy Perry’s “The One That Got Away”.



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