Juan Williams: Trump is Responsible for Hillary’s Bad Health

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Is there anything Donald Trump can’t do?  Really, to listen to the Democratic operatives with media bylines – like Juan Williams – you’d think Donald Trump is global warming.

On a recent addition of “The Five” on Fox News, Williams found a way to blame Donald Trump for Hillary’s collapse on 9/11. I’m telling you, there’s nothing Donald Trump can’t do.

Williams is talking about an interview that Bill Clinton did where he mentioned that Hillary is “frequently severely dehydrated.” Williams managed to stretch that into a rant about Trump’s “sexist” remarks about Hillary coming back to one of the Democratic debates late because of a trip to the bathroom.

Here’s the segment from “The Five.”


“There’s a lot of gossip among people today who say, you know, she doesn’t like to drink water.”

“One of the arguments is that Trump really got under her skin when he made this comment about ‘Oh I know where she was in that debate when she went to the bathroom,’ and it’s disgusting.”

So Juan is telling us that the woman who wants to be Commander-In-Chief is completely thrown off her game by a Donald Trump comment about the bathroom. Really Juan?

“She’s a 68-year-old woman. Going to the bathroom, all of a sudden now, becomes a big deal and evidence of weakness in a very sexist world with the first woman candidate. And I think that, you know what, maybe she’s a little embarrassed.”

So, let me get this straight. When she left the 9/11 ceremony in New York City she had to prop herself up against a concrete post, started to take one step and almost fell on her face, lost one of her shoes, and had to be thrown into a van like a side of beef by three people, all because Donald Trump embarrassed her.

If Donald Trump can do that with a random comment about using the bathroom imagine what he could do to Vladimir Putin if he really put his mind to it. Could President Donald Trump defeat ISIS with mind control from his desk in the Oval Office?

I suppose a fair question would be, is Donald Trump’s mind that strong, or is Hillary’s simply that weak?

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