Jobless Migrant Family Of 10 Demands Mansion, Council Has Startling Response

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It appears that the entitled mindset doesn’t just end with American’s, this wonderful characteristic has extended to refugees as well.

The featherbrained father of a migrant family of 10, not only refuses to work for his gift of $147,000 per year benefits but, is a full-time student on the taxpayer’s dime. Recently he refused a free 5-bedroom house because it was beneath him…they needed a mansion for their growing family.

When the councilman heard of the family’s entitlement, he couldn’t stop his mouth from gaping open! Instead, he reneged on the offer and gave the perfect 7-word response.

Arnold and Jeanne Sube left Cameroon as asylum seekers in search of a better life, after all, they deserved more. They quickly found such a life in France. Unfortunately, France’s benefits didn’t live up to the Subes’ standards, so they embarked on a journey to Britain, where they finally succeeded in living the welfare lifestyle that many impoverished taxpayers and homeless veterans dream.

But were these people grateful? OF COURSE NOT. No, instead of gratitude for draining the taxpayer’s money, they refused to contribute anything to society except for more children to suck off of the government. Arnold and Jeanne, both 33, demanded a bigger house because their free 3-bedroom home was “too cramped.” Hearing their plea, the Luton council felt compassion and decided that offering 2 extra bedrooms wouldn’t be too far beyond the city’s budget to suit the whining migrants. To their utter surprise, the family not only turned down the offer but had yet another demand.

Reports show that the Sube family snubbed the council’s generous offer of a free 5-bedroom home by insisting they be granted a mansion with at least 6 double bedrooms. Shocked at their entitlement, a Luton Borough Council spokesman dealt them a harsh dose of reality, he said that since they’re going to continue to demand without contributing, “We will offer the property to another family” and they will remain in their 3-bedroom house.

Labor councilor Tom Shaw, who is in charge of housing at Luton borough council, revealed the family only viewed one property before turning down two others they were offered.
During their stay at the hotel, the family ran up £21,000 in room service which they refused to pay, leaving the council to foot the bill.

The family have received annual hand-outs worth £44,000 since they arrived in the UK – made up of housing and child benefits, as well as child tax credits and NHS course payments.
Their hotel stay has pushed that total to more than £103,000 in the last 12 months.

UNGRATEFUL PIECES OF CRAP! The Sube family is the epitome of the refugee crisis, a migration opportunity for many economic migrants. The West has offered up its most generous benefits at the expense of the taxpayers and these guests are holding out for something more. Asylum seekers claim they have fled from war in desperation, unlivable poverty, and political oppression, yet they’re looking at a house with 5 bedrooms and all the amenities our own lower class taxpayers don’t even have, and they’re accusing us of “neglect.”…It’s hard not to let this get to you.

Political migration is quickly destroying our freedoms, and eroding our economy. Current government leaders are very backward, they are taking care of others before their own citizens.

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