Islamic Man’s Opportunity For “Alone Time” With Girl, Leaves MASSES SICKENED!

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There are a few too many trusting people out there, this young 8-year-old girl’s parents was one of them. When she needed mentoring, a Muslim teacher pounced on the opportunity. Now, the little girl will be paying for a lifetime because of what he left behind in her mouth.

What this monster did, horrified the masses, hopefully, her repercussions haven’t happened in vain if we learn from our mistakes of trusting these people.

Although liberals would have you believe that Muslims belong to the “religion of peace,” that is simply false. It doesn’t take much effort, or a high IQ for that matter, to see Islam for the uncivilized, barbaric, and vile ideology that it truly is.

Proving just that is a Muslim named Mohammad Aslam who was tasked with teaching an 8-year-old girl how to read the Quran. With the child’s parents inviting the man over to their home in Gurgaon, India, it wasn’t long before he had gained the family’s trust.

Unfortunately for everyone involved, the arrangement took a horrific turn when the girl’s mother decided to leave the two alone to run a few errands. More than delighted to spend a few moments alone with the young child, Aslam got right to work in a way that only a Muslim could.


The Muslim pervert decided the best way to educate the little girl would be to orally rape her – but it gets worse. According to reports, Aslam then decided to urinate into the girl’s mouth and force her to drink it as well.

As one would imagine, the mother was shocked to come home and see her child in tears only to hear what had happened while she was away. The Muslim pervert was quickly arrested by police and is currently being charged with having sex with a child.

This is irreparable damage that will have lasting effects on this poor innocent child. And all because bleeding heart liberals didn’t give a damn about the children they should be protecting… their own. This vile attack will be a memory this little girl is likely to remember for the rest of her life. Sadly, this is seen all the time from this disgusting religion.

If you remember how the religion was invented, by a pedophile and rapist, who was undeniably insane, you can see why the followers do what they do.

Our country needs to start looking at the danger’s of Islam for what it is. Ever wonder how quickly these “refugee” lovers would defend the Muslim who did this to their own daughter? They wouldn’t defend them at all, I’d assume they’d start to comprehend just how cancerous this religion is to society.

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