Islamic Man Get’s Ultimate Payback As He Tries To Burn Wife In Honor Killing

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Bummer, it was almost the perfect ending to a terrifying story.

Muslims never seem to have any rhyme or reason for the crimes they commit, If they wake up on the wrong side of the bed, then watch out, these nuts have ZERO boundaries.

This particular Muslim migrant went into a rabid rage against his poor wife. He felt that she deserved a good a dousing with lighter fluid and set her on fire.

It’s been reported that since they migrated from Syria, for better accommodations and more money, this Muslim husband had been unhappy with his situation. After, setting his wife ablaze, fate took a twisted little turn.


He received a bit of poetic justice when he caught fire himself. Instead of burning his spouse alive he burned himself so badly that he died from the injuries he received.

But of course, with any violent act of jihad, others were injured. The woman, 31, was seriously burned in the incident, which also caused extensive damage to the asylum home where she lives with their three children. 14 more residents in the asylum were injured.

Syrian refugees and the wonderful gifts they bring to their host countries, so charitable isn’t it?

Why Europe repeatedly imports this violent and hateful culture is a question that will be asked for decades, even centuries to come.

He is going to get a HUGE surprise when he isn’t met with 72 virgins he was hoping for….

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