Infant Abandoned for 4 Minutes at Buffet, Outrage Ensues, But Mom Has an Excuse

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Who hasn’t had their “bad parenting” moments? Sometimes when the right busybody comes along and points their crusty old finger in your direction, you just want to slap them in the face and tell them to stick their “nose where the sun don’t shine.” Everything went down hill for this unsuspecting mother when an unnamed man at a buffet in Ohio decided to take a little footage of the inappropriate conduct. There must not be enough drama in the world for this man…or so it seems at first.

The baby’s parents refilled their plates in the buffet line, right when they left this man video taped what happened and TIMED them, to see how long they were gone. Kind of seems like he had it out for them from the beginning. Then he posted the video to Facebook!

About four million views later, the Erie County Children Services opened an investigation on the couple, and local police think they may have proof of child endangerment.

Perkins Police Chief, Ken Klamar, tells reporters:

“Can we say because the parent walked out of the screen shot of this video and left the child unattended in the booth that there was a significant risk of injury to that child? I’m not sure we can.”

According to the do-gooder who recorded the incident, the infant was left unattended for four minutes. The mother says her eyes were on the child the entire time and that the video is misleading.

Klamar explains:

“She alleges the person who took it intentionally moved the camera, if you will, in a way that she wouldn’t be seen on it to make it look worse than what it was.”
Klamar says that if the man feared for the child’s well-being, he should have contacted the police.

In her piece, “It Takes A Village, Too Bad The Village Is Just A Bunch Of Judgy A**holes Now,” Senior News Editor of Scary Mommy, Maria Guido, agrees:

“Seriously. If this hero thought the baby was in imminent danger, why didn’t he call the police? Because he knew the baby was in no danger at all, that’s why.”
Guido points out that by instead posting the video, the parents are facing unexpected consequences:

“That is infuriating. They will likely be dealing with this for who knows how long because some bystander who clearly didn’t think this baby was in any real danger decided to reach for some momentary viral fame by shaming some parents for doing absolutely nothing wrong.”

The video evidence has been removed from Facebook and police are asking the man for a sworn statement about the incident.

Looking back at the situation, Guido warns parents about the pre-conceived notion that it takes a village to raise a child:

“[T]he village is more concerned about taking video of your perceived ‘parenting flaws’ instead of helping out in any way, so be warned.”
If you have ever had a young child do you remember how tiring it can be to take them with you in a baby carrier while they are asleep? That thing gets heavy! Not to mention there would be no way to hold your plate and carry the child. I don’t agree with what they did, I merely understand their lapse in judgment. Word to the wise…take turns with the buffet line creepers can steal and video tape your child. One question I do have, if she was watching her baby the entire time wouldn’t she have seen the man taping her child?

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