Hillary’s Eyes Are Out of Sync: One Hunting Rocks, One Hunting Votes

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Hillary has some serious medical problems she’s refusing to talk about, but she can’t hide them.

You’ll recall that about the time of the original Benghazi hearings Hillary took a fall in her living room, banged her head on a coffee table, and knock herself out. As a result of that fall she was wearing special glasses to correct double vision.

1 Hillary's eyes 1

The left lens is what’s known as a Fresnel-prism lens, and it corrects double vision.

She stopped wearing the glasses to give the impression that she’s completely recovered from that concussion. After all, her highly paid Doctor made a statement to that effect.

Here’s a picture of Hillary in Philadelphia.

1 Hillary's eyes 2

Note that her right eye is looking straight ahead and her left eye is wandering off. The following video you’ll see her left eye wander and snap back repeatedly.

It’s way past time for an independent neurological exam. Hillary will certainly refuse it for a variety of reasons, I think the biggest is that an independent neurological exam would prove that Hillary does not have a brain.

Or, I suppose she could’ve just caught a case of “wandering eye” from Bill.

1 Hillary's eyes 3

1 Hillary's eyes 4

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