Idiot Liberal Doesn’t Know Difference Between ILLEGAL and LEGAL Immigrants…

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Lauren Southern found a hidden gym and then tweeted it. A Trump-supporter tried arguing with a liberal (upset over a “Make America Great Again Hat”) over the differences between “immigrants” and “illegal immigrants.” Get ready for it….and wrap your ribs carefully because this is SIDESPLITTING!

Because this liberal wasn’t understanding the differences.

She decided the best alternative was to steal his hat…

It’s remarkable, because while older liberals lie, saying there’s no difference between illegal and legal immigration (even though they do know the difference), their Millennial padawans really don’t know the difference. Meaning the mind tricks Democrats have pulled? Totally worked. These are not the immigrants we’re talking about.

But actually, yes, there are differences. So to the mind-numbed morons like this idiot on camera, allow us to explain: a LEGAL IMMIGRANT immigrates to the country legally and pays taxes. They’re generally upstanding people, legal immigrants. Because they FOLLOW THE LAW.

An ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT immigrates to the country illegally – which is against the law, hence the word “illegal” – and doesn’t pay taxes, but often does mooch off the government teet. While sometimes murdering people. Read Illegal Immigrant Stabs Teenager. After Being Deported Twice and Officers in Critical Condition After Being Shot. By an Illegal Immigrant.

We’re not exactly talking about rocket science here…

When you aren’t laughing about how stupid some liberals are, you almost feel sympathy for their stupidity! This just shows how entitled liberals feel, you can’t even use your freedom of speech, in public without getting a simple hat stolen.

Lauren would have had TONS to say about this little incident. She’s seriously against the ILLEGAL immigration.

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