Hoarder Mom’s Son ‘Moves Out,’ Then A Sick 20-Year Bedroom Secret Is Uncovered!

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When this mother’s son “moved out,” her worst nightmare came true. Unfortunately, the woman was a bit of a hoarder, so the seriously sick secret hiding in his bedroom was a bit hard to discover – but once she did, she realized it had been going on for 20 very long years.

Rita Wolfensohn is a legally blind woman who lives in a fancy-pants home in Brooklyn New York, worth $700,000, at least that’s what you’d think when you looked at the outside of her home…

Sadly, the market value may appear rather steep on the outside, but it’s the inside that counts. The home is in no way worth that much anymore. It’s a shame, but, her despicable hoarder lifestyle took its toll.

Reports state that the home was in utter despair. Police described looking as if “a garbage truck had dumped its load” inside.

If you thought things couldn’t get much worse, Rita got sick over the dirt mess and had to go to the hospital. As one would assume, family members quickly stepped in to do what they could. One unfortunate relative had the lovely task of traveling to her home to get some of her things.

However, the evening would take a turn as sister-in-law Josette Buchman entered the wrong room and stumbled upon quite the unnerving discovery. In fact, you can imagine the woman’s surprise to open the door and see what appeared to be a corpse lying on the floor. New York Post further reports:

In a debris-choked second-floor bedroom, sister-in-law Josette Buchman found a “completely intact” skeleton, dressed in jeans, socks, and a shirt, lying on its back on a thin mattress on the floor, police sources told The Post.

For reasons unknown, Rita had never gone into the room after her son “moved out” – but that wasn’t entirely true. Although the man would have been 49 today, he apparently died in that room about 20 years ago, meaning that Rita had been living with her son’s corpse for a staggering two decades.
At this point, police say there is no evidence of foul play. They believe that the man died of natural causes. However, one can only wonder why this woman never even thought to check on her own son. I mean, why is her first thought that he moved out after not seeing him for a little bit?

I am seriously baffled! Why wouldn’t she check her son’s room before just assuming he’d moved out?! It makes no sense! Yeah, she’s blind, but not dumb. She didn’t think it important to check the rest of the house to see if he were there?

And then she wasn’t even concerned that he just up and stopped talking to you altogether? There was no missing person’s report filed our anything. There are many questions with absolutely no answers. At least Rita is in a nursing home getting the help she needs. Let’s just hope she isn’t a crazy woman hiding a murder or something.

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