Hillary’s #1 Donor Admits to Funding Al Qaeda: Is She Done?

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As I have always said, when it comes to Hillary Clinton, follow the money and you will find your answers,…most of which are tied into Clinton’s campaign, Bill’s speaking engagements and/or the Clinton Foundation. In the case of the Saudi Arabia and the Saudi Royal Court it’s no different, except NOW the Saudis are coming clean about funding terrorism. They must have had an new awakening or maybe they’ve just realized that Trump has a real shot at becoming the next president.

It’s no secret that over the years, Saudi Arabia has given between $10-25 million to the Clinton Foundation and Friends of Saudi Arabia have given $1-5 million. Over these same years, the Saudis have pledged over $100,000,000 a year to fund the spread of Wahhabism – which drives major Islamist terrorism. That’s right!

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The same country that violates the rights of women, gays and Christians has given millions to Hillary Clinton’s campaign AND has funded terrorist organizations like the Taliban, Al-Qaeda and Hamas. In other words, a major donor of Clinton’s campaign and foundation is ADMITTING to funding terrorism. That should tell you a LOT, unless your head is buried in the sand!

Why NOW? Why are the Saudi’s telling Americans the TRUTH after all these years? …afterall, that’s certainly something Hillary’s not willing to do. Is it about their fear of Hillary losing? Or is it the fear of Donald Trump becoming president and making America Great Again…and that might mean less oil dependent on the Saudis?

Maybe they realize that if Donald Trump becomes president all this information or the leaked emails will come out any way and Donald Trump will eventually “tell it like it is”.  Something many of us have known already, and certainly Donald Trump has stated already…is that Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Clinton Foundation have taken millions from people and countries that sponsor Islamic terrorism.  In fact Trump has said many times in the MSM that Hillary should GIVE BACK the money from the campaign and the Clinton Foundation, especially those dollars from countries that have sponsored terrorism.

As it turns out, the Saudis and the Clintons have weaved an interesting dirty little web in case you.ve been out of the loop for the last few years.

First, Clinton has said the donations must have “slipped through the cracks”. Because we all know it’s ILLEGAL for foreign countries to influence campaigns in the United States and for campaigns to accept foreign donations. But the Sheik Mohammed H. Al-Amoudi himself has given between $5-10 million to Clinton and/or the Clinton Foundation.

Second, Clinton’s right-hand aide, Huma Abedin, was born and raised in Saudi Arabia, but that’s not all! – her entire family – both parents, brother and sister – all worked for Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs which was created by the Muslim World League to spread Wahhabism.  In fact, the “Abedin family business” was located in the London office of the Muslim World League.

Third, King Salman hired the Podesta Group to provide public relations for the Saudi Royal Court. In a past September, Bill met with King Salman and then two weeks later – the Podesta Group filed papers with the Justice Department. Oh, did I mention in addition to that, Bill also gave TWO talks while Hillary was Secretary of State and received $600,000? Let’s also not forget that the Podesta Group is run by Tony Podesta, brother of John Podesta, Hillary’s top advisor for her campaign.

Wait, there’s more…

Remember Khizr Khan, the wonderful “Muslim Gold Star” for Hillary Clinton at the DNC. Turns out he was employed by a law firm, Hogan Lovells, LLP which has pretty deep ties to, you guessed it, Saudi Arabia. The Saudis hired his firm for a month long project. In addition, Khan is legally tied into the industry of Muslim migration. His firm is in the business of EB5 immigration – KM Khan Law Office. That’s right! He makes money from a chaotic even – the immigration mess in the Middle East and bringing Muslims to America.  Sounds like someone else we know, right?.

There’s more…the law firm Hogan and Lovells, LLP also handles Hillary’s taxes and has a deep connection with the email scandal. The law firm handled the patent MX Logic – a spam filtering system for Hillary’s “home-brewed” email server. Wouldn’t you know it?

So, as it turns out Huma Abedin, King Salman, Khizr Khan, and the funding of terrorism are ALL tied to Hillary Clinton. Oh, the dirty web we weave! When you follow the money…you CAN find most of your answers when it involves Hillary Clinton, Clinton’s campaign and the Clinton Foundation.

At least the Saudis and King Salman are doing one thing Hillary has YET to do…tell the TRUTH!

Let’s hope when it comes to the presidential election in November, that most Americans are NOT stupid enough to fall for all of Hillary Clinton’s and the MSM’s BS!

Or as Axel Foley said in the “Beverly Hills Cop”: “Look Man! I ain’t falling for no banana in my tailpipe!”

Hillary Clinton has made much ado about Donald Trump being a racist and a bigot, as well as creating a false narrative about his ties to the KKK.



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