Hillary Will Talk to White People. Sternly.

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Hillary Clinton pulled her head out of her nether-regions long enough this week to make sure that the black terrorist organization – #BlackLivesMatter – knows that she’s on “their side.”

Another black guy with a long criminal history was shot by a police officer and to Hillary and friends that’s intolerable.

“We got a tackle the systematic racism, this horrible shooting again, how many times do we have to see this in our country?” We don’t have a video clip so we don’t know how hard Hillary worked to “sound black” for that little gem.

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While Hillary was busy calling police officers and white people in general “racists” she did manage to sneak in her opinion that there are many “good, honorable, coolheaded” police officers. Wasn’t that sweet? In the same breath she restated her promise to “fix police departments” around the country. I’m sure her new Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, can’t wait to help.

In addition to “fixing police departments,” Hillary has a positive plan to address what she sees as a problem.  “Maybe I can by speaking directly to white people say, ‘Look this is not who we are.’”

Hillary didn’t have any comment on the fact that the real problem in the so-called “black community” is that 3% of America – Black males 15-35 – are responsible for 50% of all murders in the country, they’re responsible for 94% of murders in the “black community,” and the responsible for over 50% of all violent crime in the nation.

I know those numbers are racist, but they do come straight from Barack Obama’s Department of Justice/FBI. Considering that, it’s not unrealistic to believe that the percentages could be higher.

If Hillary, Loretta Lynch, and #BlackLivesMatter can just get their way maybe a dozen black men who were wrongly shot by police could be saved. Of course, that doesn’t help the 6,000 black men who are killed every year by other black men.

And more of the “Ferguson Effect” – where police officers are reluctant to take action against lawbreakers – will simply raise that 6,000 number dramatically.

Of course, that will be fine because Democrats and #BlackLivesMatter don’t give a damn about Black lives. They only care about finding and hammering a divisive issue. What’s another 10 or 15,000 dead black men? There probably just gang bangers anyway and they probably don’t vote.

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