Hillary Prepares For Death?! Something Odd Discovered Right Outside Her Empty Rally Hall!

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ATLANTA, GA - OCTOBER 15:  Ebola patient Amber Vinson arrives by ambulance at Emory University Hospital on October 15, 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia. Nurse Amber Vinson joins Nina Pham as health workers who have contracted the Ebola virus at Texas Heath Presbyterian Hospital while treating patient Thomas Eric Duncan, who has since died. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

You can bet these EMs workers have either lost their jobs or gotten put on Hillary’s hit list. In a desperate attempt to hide her failing health, Hillary wanted these men to be descrete about carrying her gurney. She got anything but discrete, though…


This only prompted more questions about her health, she could visibly see the crowds getting smaller as the scene unfolded.

Hillary had already suffered a four-minute coughing fit during the event, which got major coverage. The furious Clinton campaign did their best to pressure the media into not reporting on future episodes of Hillary’s ill health.

Speculators were confused as to why Hillary would have the EMT workers traveling with her if questions and allegations about her health were being thrown all over the place and crumbling her campaign.

Weaver stated: “I’m standing there waiting for Hillary to come out of her tent and the event was already running over an hour behind, so I had a feeling something was wrong, that maybe she was sick….and sure enough I turn right around and there is a gurney and there’s these EMS workers bit they are wearing what looks like bullet proof vests,”

The men in the footage wheeling out the gurney, emerged from the same ambulance that had been part of Hillary’s motorcade, according to Weaver and her cameraman.

Then she finally emerged from the tent to give her cough-addled speech. “They were staged right behind stage waiting in the event that maybe she might have had something happen or maybe she fainted or fell,” said Weaver, who noted how Clinton “sounded so sick in person”

HAH! Leftist media outlets claim to have “debunked” previous articles about Hillary’s motorcade containing an ambulance by claiming that all presidential candidates had one.

Nay Nay I say, this is not common practice for political rallies. Trump didn’t have a gurney loitering outside his overly full rally. On top of this, Hillary has hardly anyone supporting her at her events, so there is less of a threat. If she isn’t having health issues why the over-exaggerated protection?

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