What if Hillary Gave an Event and No One Showed Up?

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Hillary’s campaign headquarters in Delaware, OH was having a big event on Sunday. People were going to show up and go knock on doors to get Hillary’s message out to the people.

There was just one problem.


That’s right, nobody showed up. Not only did nobody show up but in true government service fashion she’s got four people running in office or nothings going on in.

I think the really funny part of the video was when the Trump supporter mentioned that Hillary was a criminal and one of the campaign workers blanched at the idea. Apparently those campaign workers are the ones that are out of touch with reality.

In a recent NBC news survey only 11% of respondents thought Hillary was honest and trustworthy.

4 Hillary trust 1

The fact that 42% of respondents think she has the personality and temperament to serve as president should tell you everything you need to know about how brain-dead Democrats are.

There’s another thing that the media won’t tell you, that no-shows at Hillary events are nothing new. Here’s a typical Hillary campaign rally.

4 Hillary event 2

Contrast that with the typical Donald Trump campaign rally.

4 Hillary Trump event 3

November 8 is to be an interesting day.

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