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What’s Hillary’s Favorite Season? Fall… [VIDEO]


It never ends for Hillary Clinton and another video is released showing her as feeble as she tries to navigate some steps before the debate.

5 stairs and Hillary navigates it as she is walking the glass bridge in China!

She is definitely feeble, and most likely has some very serious health issues!

H/T to ABC’s Liz Kreutz for the video!

Hillary’s health issues have been front and center of this election season. She definitely has some serious problems.

She has that persistent uncontrollable cough, she passes out, she acts weird, and she looks ill.

The most recent issue was an address to the Laborers’ International Union of North America. If you have ever been around people on drugs and alcohol, you know that Hillary is definitely on something during this interview.

She is loud, her eyes are wide, and she is definitely not herself. Her whole demeanor is off. She asks why she is not 50 points ahead? George Washington himself couldn’t be 50 points ahead!

Watch the video message to the Laborers’ International Union of North America:

Of course that came on the heals of her getting so ill that she could not walk on September 11th. Even the MSM was forced to cover it. She refused Secret Service protocol and bypassed the mandatory hospital visit. What is she hiding?

Also recently, Hillary Clinton had a breakdown on right on live TV. This one is crazy!

When a protester appears, Hillary freezes. Psychologists claim that a stressful situation can trigger a freeze response.

Insane! She doesn’t look well BEFORE she freezes!

The uncontrollable coughing has been the main concern. The Mayo Clinic states that Chronic Cough is defined as lasting Eight WEEKS or longer. Hillary Clinton is on camera uncontrollably coughing multiple times for Eight YEARS! If it happens that much on camera, how much does it happen off camera?

But of course, I have my own theory on the coughing. The only time I have ever seen anyone cough like that…. is because they have been smoking weed!




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