Hillary Faces Coughing Fit On Live Radio, Then She Releases Secret That’ll Ruin Her!

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Come on Hillary, jeez! If we can’t even trust this crooked old woman to tell us the truth about something as simple as her failing health, how can we trust her when it comes to running our country? With that, it brings another question to mind, even if she were elected, would she be able to make it through a single term?

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Even beyond that, do we really want to listen to our supposed “Commander-in-Chief” hack her way through every important speech she gives? Absolutly not! I about lost my breakfast finding out what was in her cup this morning, no way am I able to deal with that for the next four years of her short lifespan.

Overall, the main point is, Hillary isn’t someone we should even be considering as a potential candidate. Our next president needs to be strong, healthy, and honest, not constantly coughing and telling lies.

See Hillary suffer her third coughing fit in the space of two days on a LIVE radio show…

“You’re coughing like you got some medicinal,” the host said, referring to marijuana.
“I need some,” Clinton responded.
After she tried to start speaking again, Hillary’s voice was noticeably weak.
The presidential candidate blamed “allergy season” for her coughing, despite the fact that she has suffered similar bouts on innumerable occasions over the past year.
As we reported yesterday, media outlets blamed high pollen counts for Clinton’s previous coughing fits in Ohio, despite actual allergen counts in the region being low on Monday.

Hillary suffered a four and a half minute coughing fit during her speech on Monday.
She then broke down again on her campaign plane while speaking with reporters, an incident that conveniently meant she didn’t have to answer more questions

Hillary Clinton’s in full damage control mode regarding her health, as hard as she tries to cover everything up, it seems as though things just got a lot worse for her. In fact, watch this video that’s circulating after a few keen eyes saw something in her drink during a coughing fit – and it’s downright disgusting!

Oh. My. Gosh. This is just embarrassing!! And I don’t want Hillary to win at all, yet, I almost feel bad for her! If it were any other person who wasn’t a murderer, that had failing health, I may have a little pity!

The best video, in my opinion, is the second one, she sounds like she’s on her deathbed! How in the world will she get any votes?

Democrats best hope is voting for a third party. She is an OBVIOUS liar!! Not only is she blatantly lying….but she is just about as dumb as a box of rocks!

As many have now seen in the video taken at her rally in Cleveland, Ohio, it seems that two gross green lumps fell out of her mouth and into her drinking water – and it has the Internet reeling. Could this be something concerning, like mucus, or some other bodily fluid, or even “clumps of tissue.”

Oh yuck, that makes me nauseous, I just set my cup of water down…it’s going to be a while before i can drink anything without thinking of Hillary’s nasty mucus….200

In any case, Hillary’s health is certainly not as she would have the American voters believe, and it’s definitely not just allergies. Actually, a recent video was produced, proving that such a sentiment is a blatant lie as her coughing fits have been taking place for at least 8 years now:

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