Hillary Clinton: “We Can’t Stop Terrorism Without Gun Control” – and that’s not all…

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We all know if Hillary Clinton gets elected as the next president, we can kiss our 2nd Amendment Rights “good-bye”. Clinton has never supported gun rights and isn’t going to start as president.

In fact, Hillary Clinton supports more gun controls, stronger regulations on background checks and higher taxes so guns would cost more. Most importantly, however, Clinton would also appoint more liberal justices to the Supreme Court like Justices Breyer and Ginsburg, who support banning guns. In otherwords, citizens that support the 2nd Amendment and Gun Rights would be screwed.


H/T Breitbart:

In response to questions fromAARP Bulletin, Hillary Clinton made clear her position that to be successful, policies for ending terrorism must include gun control for all Americans.

AARP Bulletin asked, “What would you do to address terrorism?”

First, California has comprehensive background checks. Therefore, the state does not have a “gun-show loophole” or an “online loophole.” But they did have the December 12, 2015, firearm-based terror attack and the more recent high profile murder-suicide on the UCLA campus on June 1, 2016. The same may be said of Paris, France, which has background checks that are even more comprehensive than those in California. Paris has no “gun-show loophole” or “online loophole,” but they did have 12 people killed in a January 7, 2015, firearm-based terror attack and another 130 killed in the November 13, 2015, firearm-based terror attack.

Secondly, Clinton consistently makes the false claim that 33,000 Americans are killed by gun violence each year. She initiated this claim in a political ad that first ran in April. Breitbart News responded by showing 66 percent of the 33,000 deaths cited by Clinton were actually suicides.

I think this ad sums it up best:

Hillary Clinton is a LIAR and a hypocrite.

When Clinton was secretary of state, she approved over $165 billion of commercial arms sales to over 20 countries, that included such countries as Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. Of course, these same countries have horrendous records for the rights of humanity, but that didn’t matter to her. Afterall, thanks to these countries, Clinton and her “pay-to-play” scandal raised from $54 to $154 million in donations for the Clinton Foundation and her family. Isn’t it nice to know with Hillary, family comes first?

What Hillary Clinton doesn’t get, is that laws didn’t stop illegal immigrants from entering our country. Laws didn’t stop the terrorists in San Bernardino from killing innocent Americans. And MORE gun control laws will NOT stop more terrorism or more Americans from being killed. You see, Hillary, as you know, criminals don’t care about laws. If they did they wouldn’t commit the crimes in the first place.

Clinton campaigns thousands of miles across the United States of America, and every time she goes somewhere she surrounds herself by bodyguards who carry guns to protect her. However, Clinton doesn’t think you, the common citizen, have the right to have a gun to protect yourself or your family. Go figure!

Americans can NOT allow Hillary Clinton to be elected as the next president of the United States. If we do, we might as well admit that the federal government has the right to impose regulations on our Constitutional Amendements like the 2nd Amendment and others. Hillary isn’t about just gun control, but she is about CONTROL…the wrong kind.



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