Hillary Camp Humiliated! Receives Nasty Surprise At Volunteer Event

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A video circulating social media has gone viral. Some extremely humiliating footage was captured at a Hillary Clinton campaign office in Ohio yesterday. The campaign hosted an event where a horde of volunteers planned to descend upon the city in order to harass citizens to vote for their evil queen.

However, a stroke of luck fell on the Republican party. A nasty little surprise landed on the Hillary campaign, instead, they received major embarrassment. And we have social to thank because everyone gets to see it.

When a Donald Trump supporter heard about a door-knocking event that the Hillary Campaign was holding in Delaware, Ohio, he decided to go undercover and check it out. Before entering he told the camera that “They’ve got a door-knocking that is supposed to happen in about ten minutes… I found out about it, so I wanted to come down here and see what kind of turnout they’ve got,”

What he discovered, when he got there was PRICELESS. With a mere ten minutes until the volunteer event was supposed to start, he was the only person who showed up. “I’m it? I’m the only one who came to volunteer?” he chuckled as he realized what a nasty surprise this had to be for the Hillary camp, but it only got better from there.
After a good look around he finally admitted why he was there and the Hillary campaign staff’s demeanor changed drastically. When they kicked him out they did it with forced smiles like what they really wanted to do was spit in his face but they couldn’t because they were being filmed.

It would appear that Hillary’s corruption and pathological lying have not gone unnoticed. Despite her low opinion of the average American’s intelligence, “we the peasants” are not as dumb as she thinks, even people who typically support Democrats are turning their backs on her. Now that liberal voters are starting waking up, hopefully, it isn’t too late.

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