Hillary Aides Threatened Reporters for Asking About Health!

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Up until her “fainting” spell on 9-11, no one in the media was allowed to ask Hillary about her health. Afterall, we can’t have the public putting any doubts into any voter’s head about Hillary Clinton being physically “unfit to serve” as the next president of the United States. If you start asking questions about her health, it may turn out that it’s really YOUR health or job that really may turn out to be in question. Just ask Political Editor David Martosko.

Daily Mail U.S. Political Editor David Martosko was attacked online by current and former aides to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton for commenting about Clinton’s tired, listless appearance at a press conference on Friday about national security. Martosko was also challenged by two reporters who defended Clinton.


Nick Merrill, Clinton’s traveling press secretary, and Adam Parkhomenko, who was a state coordinator for the Clinton campaign and is now National Field Director for the Democratic Party, each replied to a tweet thread by Martosko about Clinton’s demeanor with Parkomenko threatening his job and Merrill employing the ‘delete your account’ othering insult.

When reporters are publicly attacked by high ranking political operatives it is not just meant to intimidate that reporter, it is meant to ‘other’ him by separating him from the herd and intimidate other reporters from following his lead.

Martosko was off the campaign trail and commented as he watched video of the press conference.

Video of the Clinton press conference shows a tired looking, listless Clinton with heavy bags under her eyes reading a long statement before answering a few questions from the press. As she answers, Clinton’s eyelids droop repeatedly as if she is fighting off nodding off. The only time Clinton perked up was when she was walking away and was asked about her rival Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump appearing on Russian-owned RT television. However Clinton cut off her answer and ended the press conference because she had a cough coming on and didn’t want the press to film her coughing so she stepped behind a pillar to cough.

From Twitter:

Is it just me or does Hillary Clinton sound absolutely exhausted and quiet? Seems like an illustration of Trump’s whole “tired” critique

She sounds bored / half-awake / disinterested … not the kind of performance that inspires fear in our enemies. Where’s the caffeine?

I half expect her to slump over and collapse any second now. if she were doing a parody of “low energy” Jeb!, it couldn’t be more spot-on.

 Martosko replied to two Reuters reporters who defended Clinton, Emily Stephenson and Ginger Gibson.

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