High School Athletes Corrupted in Public:

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Well, thanks to San Francisco 49’ers QB Colin Kaepernick and his pathetic disrespect for our military, flag and national anthem, we now have liberals across the nation following his course. Though Kaepernick cited police brutality and unarmed African Americans as his primary reason for his demonstration, other football players at the high school level like those at Garfield High are being encouraged for different reasons by their coaches. It’s unfortunate to see this expand to the public school system just like the transgender washrooms.

The Central District’s high school football team is planning to join a number of professional and student athletes nationwide in an ongoing demonstration against racial injustice during the school’s Friday night game.


The Garfield Bulldogs will travel to West Seattle where the entire team has decided they will kneel for the national anthem and continue to do so for the rest of the season. Coach Joey Thomas tells CHS the decision came out of ongoing conversations the team has had about race and social injustice. Students were particularly motivated to do something after learning about the rarely recited third verse of the Star-Spangled Banner, Thomas said, which celebrates the killing of rebellious slaves.

“One thing we pride ourselves on is we have open and honest conversations about what is going on in this society,” Thomas said. “It led kids to talk about the social injustice they experience … and it led to coaches to talk about what we go though. We’re teaching life skills through sports.”

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick began sitting for the national anthem during the NFL’s preseason, sparking a national debate over the gesture. Kaepernick cited police brutality and the killing of unarmed African Americans as primary reasons for his demonstration. Thomas, whose father and grandfather served in the military, said those who argue the protest is disrespectful to service members are misinformed.

“It’s because they are over there fighting for our rights that we can stand for what we believe in,” he said. “It’s because of our military that we can have this silent protest.”

So far, Thomas said the 23rd Ave school has been supportive of the team’s plans. Given the fierce criticism professional athletes have faced for taking part in the protest, Thomas said he has told his players to defer any questions or complaints to him. Kickoff time for Friday’s game is 7 PM at the Southwest Athletic Complex.

Located in the heart of Seattle’s African-American neighborhood, Garfield has a long history of political activism and has been at the center of many Black Lives Matter protests over the past year. Thomas said he is frustrated by those who criticize athletes for expressing their political beliefs as well.

Garfield has been the center of many BLM protests. There you have it. George Soros sure gets around doesn’t he?


I think if you dig deeper, you’ll find that Coach Thomas played in the NFL for five years starting in 2004. I’m going to bet that Coach Thomas and Colin Kaepernick have a few things in common, including the fact, they both feel any PR is good PR. I hightly doubt the decision to kneel during the national anthem was in fact “the players’ choice”.  This is about getting some limelight in the media and Coach Thomas knows it.

Lord knows our public schools have a lot more issues to worry about than THIS. How about to start with, getting rid of Common Core and teaching to the tests? Someone in the MSM should have asked if kids at Garfield High still say the Pledge of Allegiance every day and if so, do kids stand for that or is it too “politically incorrect”?

How about teaching the kids a little respect towards the military and those who have defended your First Amendment Rights in the first place? Or, let me guess, there’s no time in the curriculum to teach the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence or even the history behind our national anthem. My question then is…do you even know who wrote the National Anthem, when it was written and why? Or, is it too much to ask for American History to be taught any more in the public schools?

To Coach Thomas and the Garfield High School FB team – I don’t think it’s too much to ask for you to take THREE MINUTES of your time and show some respect to those who have served our country and especially those who gave their lives to fight for your freedoms.

How about instead of watching the 49’ers Colin Kaepernick, next time you tune in to REAL game – like the Washington Redskins or Pittsburgh Steelers. Both teams are teams a coach would surely want to inform their players about, especially when it comes to teaching them a little lesson about respect and “TEAM”.


Coach Thomas and the Garfield HS Football team could learn a lot about respect just by honoring veterans and military in this same fashion as the Redskins and Steelers. Anyone want to wager if Coach Thomas even does anything special for veterans on Veterans’ Day? Or how about honoring their law enforcement? Guessing the answer to both is the same.





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