Girl’s Senior Portraits Go Viral, Viewers Startled To See This Kind Of Meat Behind Her!

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Senior portraits are a big deal in high school. They capture your youthfulness right before you transition into adulthood. Some teens like to go to the studio, others try for a more creative scenery. This girl was VERY creative, she had a really cute, simple, black dress and stood like a model in the water, she is gorgeous! Unfortunately, something not so gorgeous (at least to a girl this young) lay behind her, ruining any kind of hope she had for taking serious senior portraits.

While Jillian Henry posed for her beautiful senior portraits, it’s safe to assume she never expected them to go viral on the internet, but that’s exactly what happened. Sadly, it wasn’t her perfect face that was catching everyone’s eye, instead, it was a piece of meat that was caught lurking behind her….the horrifying sight left viewers utterly disturbed, careful you can’t unsee this.


With every senior hoping to do their own thing to capture their own personality in their photos, Jillian decided to try for something a little different than the typical studio photographs and headed down to a local stream. Once there, she walked into the water and posed for a few shots – but that’s when the unimaginable happened.


All caught by her photographer, you can imagine their shock when they saw an odd man in the background — completely naked as he casually took his dog for a walk

With a huge smile on her face, it appears Jillian got a kick out of the horrifying sight, and the pictures were quickly placed online for others to “enjoy.” Being such an unexpected sight, they have since gone viral after people were left horrified to see an innocent senior photo session take a turn towards criminal indecent exposure.

Jillian uploaded her pictures on social media, announcing that she “loves her senior pics,” let’s hope she managed to get a couple more shots without that creeper hanging out in the background. After all, I don’t think her parents will want to hang a picture of their daughter with a nudist on their wall, and the yearbook staff most likely won’t agree with a man’s dong lurking in the background either.

This is the ultimate photobomb! It beats any funny face I’ve ever made behind a stranger’s back during pictures in Disneyland. Talk about a one-upper.

Is it strange to not know anyone who would simply walk around naked, at least without doing a fast look around? A quick thought for anyone considering this little thrill– do the world a favor and leave your clothes on.

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