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GAY CNN Host Tweets Support For ‘Sharia Law’ – IMMEDIATELY Regrets It When America RESPONDS!


HAH!! There are no words…This journalist is such an idiot I can’t stop chuckling. Sally Kohn from CNN was in such a rage when she made a comment on Twitter that she forgot to take a few precious minutes to make sure what she was writing wasn’t completely retarded!

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Sally defended radical Islam’s Sharia law, calling the belief system “progressive.”.

Wouldn’t a hotshot like Kohn that makes the big bucks be able to see that supporting Sharia law doesn’t go hand in hand with the liberal viewpoint? You know, because they toss homosexuals off the roof and all?

You may have guessed, but, the response this dummy CNN anchor received from Twitter users was a brutal dose of reality to this lesbian.

2016-08-17 07_15_37-Gay CNN anchor posts insane tweet about Sharia law; gets OWNED in comments - All

The liberal journalist claimed that many peaceful, “progressive Muslims” believe in Shariah law, the legal code that guides members of the Islamic faith and is strictly enforced in fundamentalist Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia.

Many have condemned Shariah as anti-American as it allows for violent forms of punishment and unequal treatment of women in a court of law. Few would call it “progressive.”
For example, according to a leading Shariah law manual, Reliance of the Traveller, the code also demands the killing of apostates, or those who once were Muslim but left the faith.

Given this, the responses that flooded in after Kohn’s Shariah tweet were not surprising:

giphy (2)
2016-08-17 07_16_38-Gay CNN anchor posts insane tweet about Sharia law; gets OWNED in comments - All

2016-08-17 07_17_03-Gay CNN anchor posts insane tweet about Sharia law; gets OWNED in comments - All

This is exactly the kind of stupidity that we have to deal with on daily bases when liberals open their mouths. Kohn can’t exactly condemn Sharia because that’s technically intolerant. If she does support them she supports the anti-gay and sexist movement. What a conundrum…stupid liberals.

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