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The most awful part of the UN being in session? We have to compare Obama and Netanyahu, and then we get reminded what a real leader should be, talk about rubbing our nose in it.

We’ve already endured Obama’s embarrassment this week at the UN …Obama to UN: America Should ‘Give Up Freedom.’ Yes, Really… Then, Barack Obama Shows True Colors. Slams Israel AGAIN at UN….

Now, ready or not, “Ladies and gentlemen, the U.N., that began as a moral force, has become a moral farce.”

“For the disgrace of the General Assembly, that last year passed 20 resolutions against the democratic state of Israel and a grand total of three resolutions against all the other countries on the planet. Israel: 20, rest of the world: three.”
“And what about the joke called the U.N. Human Rights Council, which each year condemns Israel more than all the other countries of the world combined. As women are being systematically raped, murdered, sold into slavery across the world, which is the only country that the U.N.’s Commission on Women chose to condemn this year? Yep, you guessed it, Israel. Israel, where women fly fighter jets, lead major corporations, head universities, preside, twice, over the Supreme Court, and have served as speaker of the Knesset and prime minister.”

We don’t use this gif lightly, but…

The part about Israeli women was actually surprising to hear. You would think liberal feminists would be celebrating that, yet…lol. As a reminder, Wonder Woman? She’s Israeli. Read Feminist Liberals Attack New ‘Wonder Woman’… For being Jewish?

There seems to be a key thing here that we are missing, Bibi didn’t say it flat out but we will. Israel resembles the first world freedom nested in a region overwhelmed by third world barbarism. Whenever Palestinians whine about being oppressed by Israel, take a look at the map. Israel is a small country surrounded by countries that want to see it obliterated. For the simple reason that they are as successful as they are. As a nation.
Leftists despise success, unless of course, it involves themselves. They believe that if one is successful, one must have taken from the unsuccessful. Israel is the small 1 percent. It is surrounded by the poorer 99% who happen to be the poor Islamic terrorist nations. So, it appears not to matter to libs that Israel treats its own men and women so well. What matters to leftists, all over the world over is the assumed oppression Israel has over the region. It doesn’t matter to them that other nations surrounding it are committing gross human rights crimes, engaging in terrorism and what have you. It just matters that someone is losing when they think everyone should get a trophy.

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